Where is Nico?

Pretty good weekend around here. Although not nearly long enough. There is a club tournament being hosted in Tallahassee in March, and the registration is due on the 12th, so even though the highschool season just got over, we’re already starting preparations for the club season.  I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  In one sense, I am glad because there are people who care and are trying to establish the soccer infrastructure in Wakulla county.  In another sense, I am annoyed because the highschool soccer season JUST got over and I’d like to have more than a week where soccer wasn’t absorbing all of my time and extra mental energy.  I’ll let you know what I decide. 

Nico is incredibly adorable lately.  When he first started being able to recognized himself in the mirror, I’d stand in the bathroom holding him and point to him and say Nico and point to me and say Mama.  Sometimes I go fast like, “Nico, Mama, Nico, Mama, Nico, Mama.”  Somehow, he got confused about who Mama is (he thinks its him sometimes).  Which is pretty cute.  So I ask, “where is Drake?”  and he points.  “Where is Gor-Gor?”and he points.  When it gets to “Where is Nico?”  He leans forward so that you can “see him”.  Its like, “Oh, you couldn’t see me before.  Here is my face.  Here I am!!”  Its pretty adorable. 

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