Life after the season…

Not much going on around here.  Trying to adjust to life post soccer season.  You would think that with all this “time” on my hands that the house would be clean all the time.  Yeah… not so much.  I have three baby quilts in the works right now.  I started a wonky log cabin for my work friend.  I had plans to do WLC for Baby Hite and Baby Girl Bender- but then I realized that they take so LONG.  Really they do.  It takes forever and a day just to make the blocks… then you have to put them together and yada yada yada. I mean, I havent even finished the wonky log cabin that I started for Nico last summer (keep your shirt on, I just have to finish the binding).  Plus, I want to use up some of my scraps- and its hard to do with WLC because the pieces that you use are are smaller. 

I could never intellectually understand how my mother could amass such a huge stash.  Literally, my brother’s closet in the house we grew up in was full of her fabric.  Just fabric.  Last summer she gifted me a bunch of it- so I started off with a pretty sizable base.  But since I will admit it:  I have serious problem with fabric- its just so pretty now.  So many cool designs.  So consequently, I have yards and yards and yards of beautiful fabric with without enough time in the day to make all the projects I want to make.  Sadface.

In any case, I was putting Nico to bed over the weekend and had the patchwork quilt I made while I was pregnant with him wrapped around him.  Its one of my favorite baby items- because it has squares of fabric from other baby blankets I made, including for Emme and Savy.  Plus it’s really thin, so its very snuggly.  So I decided to make Baby Hite and Baby Girl Bender patchwork quilts.  Both have been cut and I have started piecing.

So that has been taking up most of my evenings.  That and the fact that I am getting a new computer.  When I came to my present job, I started working for the first time with a laptop docked in a docking station with a monitor (23 inches).  When a coworker left I ganked her monitor, so I currently work with a docked laptop and TWO 23 inch monitors.  Which is absolutely spacious.  I feel like I ought to be gaming or something.  Well, I have decided that I need to change up my rig at home.  Ever since we moved into the new house, my desktop computer hasn’t been hooked up to the interwebz (the connection isnt in the office).  So henceforth, when I am “working” on data and school stuff, I typically need to use two computers (an old hand me down work computer of Dave’s) and the desktop.  I am also trying to minimalize the amount of stuff in my life, so there is no need for me to have two computers (neither of which does all the stuff I need it to do and one of them ISNT an ipad).  

Since the price on laptops has come down so much, I decided it was time for a new computer.  Given my spoiledness with having two monitors, I need also to have two monitors.  One thing led to another, and that is what is going on.  I am picking up my new station tonight from Best Buy.  WHOOOO HOOOOO. 

Speaking of spoiled- have you ever been to Martha Stewart’s blog?  Whenever I read it, I find myself simultaneously caught between being very jealous of her and wanting to slap her in the face.  What can I say?  Haters gonna hate. 

Not much new on the Nico front, except that he is saying Thank you now.  Unprompted.  Anytime you hand him something, “Thank you.”  At first I didnt know what he was saying (it sounds like “tissue”).  But I figured it out- and its adorable. I am trying to expand his food selection beyond just blueberries.  He seems to like carambolas (starfruit), kiwis, apricots.  Wont touch cantelope (cant say I blame him).  But does like honeydew and grapes (who doesn’t?)  He will also eat a whole bag of craisins, if you let him.  Not real big on meat that isn’t chicken nuggets/fingers.  Doesnt like eggs or spaghetti.  Will sometimes eat peanut butter.  Has no problem helping himself to a package of tortillas.  Am wondering what in the hell it is that he eats at daycare- since all of his little daily notes say he eats most or all of lunch. 
When I was getting him out of the car yesterday he said, “Something something something, pee.”  And pointed.  He seems to be somewhat interested in what goes on in the bathroom- that its not just “Getting into the vanity and tearing toliet paper off the roll time.”  I know that 18 months is probably too early to be talking about potty training (especially with boys). But maybe this is a sign that I wont be dealing with a 3 year old in pullups (which I am fundamentally opposed to- but will deal with if I have to).  

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