That washes out…

So I am back from the land of the dead.  In an unprecedented move, I took three sick days this week.  Last week I had been planning to take one day to just decompress- I have been under the gun at work and needed a day to just relax.  Turns out that the one day ended up being three because I was sick.  At first it was just coughing/congestion/sore throat sick.  But Wednesday it turned into puking into my kid’s blanket sick.  No worries, it does wash out.  😦

We did manage to get the house clean.  The Royses and Aunt Rosie came up for the weekend… its nice having family in town because it sort of forces us to get serious about getting the house clean.  Otherwise other things take precedent (like watching 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy… which is actually saying a lot, because the second season is sooooooooo looooooooooooooong). 

We coached in the senior game last night.  Its an exhibition game at FSU (on the soccer field) that takes place every year.  Seniors from all around are invited to participate, although the game is usually watered down a bit because a lot of the seniors have moved on to something else (e.g. two of our four seniors are playing other sports and the fourth is in band).  But it was still a good time to be had by most.

Dave and I are set to go see Ira Glass on Saturday night.  Which is pretty awesome.  I have no idea what he is going to talk about, but I am sure it will be entertaining.  I have a scrimmage on Sunday.  I somehow managed to get myself talked into playing on the Tallahassee women’s State Cup team.  Our first game is March 6, which just seems like a bad idea.  In any case, we go from my scrimmage to practice in Wakulla to Dave’s TSA game on Sunday (if he can play.  He actually hurt himself at the last BBUSC practice when he slid trying to keep Madi from getting a cross off.  Which is unfortunate).  Speaking of Madi- one of the soccer program people (edit: AT FSU) has been emailing Dave and me about her.  He’s heard through the grapevine that she is a decent player.  That is good to know that people are talking about her, but it makes me sad because we have other really good players, but no one notices them 😦

That is all for now, I guess I should work.  Here is some cute:

Nico is eating some french toast for breakfast!!

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