Sleepy head

This is how Nico sleeps when he is in our bed: with his arms stretched out wide so that he can keep a hand or arm on each of us.  I know. How adorable, right? Can’t you just eat him up?  He was really cute last night when I got home from campus.  He was jogging around the house… saying, “hey!” and laughing.  TOOO CUTE.

This morning, I went to lay a blanket on Nico (who was in our bed).  He was kind of stirring, and woke up a little when I came in room.  He went to hug me and sat in my lap for a few minutes, till he fell asleep again.  I laid with him on the bed for about 10 minutes before heading to work.  It was very nice.

Last week, Mom and Nico played a game, where he sits in one of our office chairs and she spins him.  She taught him the “Aleman France” position (which is something that her brothers made up when they were kids.  When you’re sitting, you basically just cross your ankles).  A couple of days ago, he got into the chair and was saying something Dave couldnt understand.  He asked me to translate and I realized that Nico was saying, “Spin.”  So I started spinning him and said, “Are you in Aleman France position?”  To which he replied by crossing his ankles.  It was hilarious. Although Dave asked if I know what “Aleman France” was… which I did… but I’m sure he thinks my mom and I are idiots for teaching Nico nonsense while he is trying to teach Nico all the french words for cup.

Not much going on around here.  Per usual, I am leaving to go out of town tomorrow and have not packed.  At all.  Sad face.  I am a little nervous about this tournament this weekend.  Its been a long time since I was in gladiator mode.  Luckily I am playing on a pretty good team, even if there is sometimes drama on it 😦

I am also in the final stages of setting the high school soccer schedule next year.  Its intense.  I also have recieved permission to shoot action shots at the Chiles Tournament and The Big Bend Preseason Classic (which we are co-hosting with Taylor in Perry).  I guess I need to get serious about designing my logo.  Anyone know a guy that does logos?

All for now.  Love.

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