That must be because I am a PhD…

Soooo- Dave signed into the blog last night and admonished me.  He was like, “yeah, I already read this.  write something new.”  And I had a sadface…

There isn’t much going on around here.  The governor came to DOH yesterday.  I was “selected” to attend, representing the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention.  I say selected because we had to email our division director if we wanted to go…I figured that most people in the Bureau would want to go- at least to hear if from the horse’s mouth… so when I was selected, I thought to myself, “That must be because I am a PhD.”  (Side bar, I think that a lot… like, my epi professor assigned me to present an article about Epidemiology, Racism and Birth Weight.  When I saw the assignment, I thought, “That must be because I am a PhD.”  You see the height of my delusions, no?

So I dressed nicely and went.  Another sidebar:  apparently I am going to have to start taking more care with my appearance, because my office coworkers were falling all over themselves with how nice I looked (I was wearing a black skirt and an ill fitting sweater.  I think the attention was unwarranted- mostly because I aim for comfort when I am at work.  I guess this means I look like a slob most days.  Next thing you know, I am going to be eating a piece of crow pie when I show up wearing a Maxi dress and gladiator sandals (shout out to my girl JCD!) So I got that going for me.

I am kind of annoyed with how much of a big deal it was, to have the gov here.  People were acting like it was President Obama coming to see us.  Especially given the fact that he has no use for state workers.  I did get some insight into the future of Chronic Disease Prevention: he thinks disease prevention is an individual level effort and that you either want to be healthy (and are) or you dont want to be healthy (and aren’t).  Doesn’t seem to be too interested in talking about anything that doesn’t have to do with his personal experience.  So, prospect for continued employment after the legislative session is over and this grant year is up?  IDK.

On the upside, if our program (or even our Bureau) gets the old axaroo- then I am going on vacation.  It will be back to “leisurely” days of coaching and working out and writing.

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