Over in the garden…

We had a really fun weekend!

I went to school to do some work on Saturday.  Nico and Dave hung around the house and the neighborhood.  They went up to the park to check out our Nieghborhood’s yard sale (because that is what hippies do in this neighborhood).  I came home in time to put Nico down for a nap.  Then spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Deadliest Catch and cleaning (sadly, the house is still a mess). 

When Nico woke up from his nap, Dave took him over to Joe F’s house, where there was a bit of a get-together.  I headed to Lowes to get some gardening stuff.  I ended up having to sell my David Sedaris tickets because our back up baby sitter ended up flaking out on us (I hate it when that happens).  I used the proceeds to buy some gardening stuff… going to put a raised bed in the back yard.  I bought a couple of strawberry plants… and should probably note I have no idea what I am doing. 

Sunday Nico and I rode part of the bike trail.  We drove down to St. Marks and parked there and rode up part of the trail and rode home.  I had hoped to do five miles up and five back, but Nico only had two up and two back in him.  On a completely awesome note, he knows what a helmet is.  I have no idea how he knows this, but he does.  We grabbed some lunch at the Riverside.  He had a grilled cheese sandwich he insisted on pulling apart and eating like it was cheese toast (maybe this is the doing of the school he goes to?)

We drive home and had a nap (both of us- it was glorious).  Then Dave went to play soccer and I worked in the back yard with Nico (after our Sunday frozen yogurt).  Nico was very helpful.  Can’t wait till our watermellons and sunflowers come in!!  Whoo hoo!!

Hope your weekend was great too!

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