I’m on a firetruck!

At Springtime Tallahassee a couple of weeks ago, Nico got to sit on a firetruck. 

Isnt this awesome?
We have practice today.  I am blowing out of work at 5, grab Nico throw some noms at him and at practice by 6pm.  I wanted to go see our girls play tennis today, but stupid work is getting in the way.  On the upside, I am going to see some sort of horse show on Saturday and some of our soccer girls are playing in a tournament on Sunday in Thomasville- I hope I can get some good pictures of both.  I think Nico and I will be going to that and maybe we will hit up some place called “Jonah’s” for breakfast, where in I will sample their shrimp and grits… apparently its pretty good.  I have no idea where this fascnication with grits comes from.  I managed to work at 2 DIFFERENT CRACKER BARRELS without ever once acquiring the taste for grits.  Next thing you know, I am having instant cheese grits for breakfast every morning at work.  Who knew?

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