Coughie McCoughersons

Sorry I have been out of contact, we have a lot going on around the house these days. 

We’re all sick.  Sort of.  We’ve got this thing that has settled into our chests.  Dave and I are coughie mccoughersons.  Nico’s cough is less bad, and none of us seem to have fevers.  I took sick days on Monday and Tuesday, but due to an impending deadline for a final paper in my class, did not make it to see a movie at the dollar theatre.  Sadface.

Speaking of which… am I the only person that is totally amped up to see “Bridesmaids?”  Crickets… so I guess, yes. 

I made it down to the county on Saturday, but the horse show I was supposed to see got canceled.  Which was a bummer.  Maybe next time?  I did make it up to see our U14 team play in Thomasville Tournament.  They did okay… they played and lost four games.  By one goal each.  So that sucks… but not as bad as if they had lost BIG.  I found out on Friday that our sweeper and our goalkeeper made the All Big Bend First team… which is pretty exciting (our GK is also playing in the state championship in Tennis today).  Also our little big gun won districts in the 800.  She anchors a 4X400 team that is all soccer girls… they are running in regionals this week.  My soccer girls are representin’!!

Dave and I are hosting an Easter Brunch on Sunday.  So I am busy trying to find things I want to have.  Including these:

Best. Invention. Ever. 

We have a new song we like.  Its Nico’s favoritte.  Called “Dumptruck, dumptruck.”

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