Easter update

Wow!! What a week!! Sorry I have been out of touch- I had my final exam on Wednesday and practice this week. It has been crazy. Easter was good. We hosted a brunch for some friends. So we did a lot of cleaning and cooking. Nico even pitched in to help:

And this is why it takes us a week to clean our house.

The Easter Bunny brought Nico some candies… and hid some eggs (will put the video up later). Overall, Nico was a gem during brunch. He hung out with Savy Weiss (who is about 6 weeks younger than him) and Jack F (who is 8). He was really good except for when it was time for a nap… and then he was mad. I think he liked hanging out with the people…

On Saturday night before brunch, I was frosting some cupcakes. He had grabbed one and squished it up so I gave it to him to eat. Then I gave him one with some frosting and tried to show him how to frost a cupcake. He took that to mean that he should eat the cupcake. It was all fun and games till I turned around to talk to Dave and I turned back to find that he was going after a THIRD cupcake. What the? How the? Yeah, I ended up having to fill in a hole he made with his frosting spreader with…. more frosting. 🙂

He really is a lot of fun these days. He is talking a lot. His latest thing is “OK.” So I might say something like, “Nico, we are five minutes from home, OK?” And he says, very clearly and plain as day, “OK.” Its awesome.

Mama Bishop is coming up this weekend… she is going to hang out with Nico next week, while FSU is closed. I think I have even tricked her into making me a skirt with fabric that looks like fabric she used in my wedding dress, only turquoise. 🙂

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