Mother’s Day weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend!

So much done this week!  Here is what happened!

Ma Bishop was here last weekend.  We had a pretty good time.  She hung out with Nico during the day and we stayed up late watching movies (Tremors- YES!) and talking.  She and Nico had a little routine where he would open the pantry door in the kitchen and stand in it.  Then he would open the door.  She would greet him like he just came home from work.  She asked if he was home for good or if he had to go back (like it was his lunch).  He would say “back.”  Then he would open the door again and step into it, saying, “See you later.”  Reallly cute.

Saturday afternoon, I shot some pictures of soccer girls before their prom.  I may have mentioned this before, but I am starting a photography business (because I don’t have enough going on).  Also, I think it sounds less indulgent to say that I am starting a photography business (which is why I needed that expensive Canon DSLR).  If I just say I bought the camera because I wanted it, I might have to kick my own ass, given how much I spent on it.  Long story long, I have solicited the high school girls to let me take pictures of them to start building up my portfolio… speaking of which… if anyone reading this is in need of some photos done… don’t hesitate to ask.  While I haven’t decided fully yet whether I am going to do sports or portraits (I like them both), I am trying to get as much practice as possible doing both.

Some of the better photos from the shoot:


If you are interested, you can see an album with the best (so far) HERE.  You probably can’t tell, but I’ve done minimal editing (the picture of Mouse immediately above) has some soft focus.  The rest is just adjusting the light.  Aren’t the soccer girls pretty?  In any case, I shot over 1200 pictures.  1200.  Can you believe that?  My camera (because it is awesome) has this really cool “burst” mode, which is like the “sports” mode in that you can just hold down the shutter button and it shoots as long as you are holding it down… but you dont have to settle for the other sports settings.  Its really cool, and keeps from getting pictures messed up because someone blinked or whatever.  The down side is that I have over 1200 pictures to wade through, edit and decide whether or not to keep.  I think that the top picture of Frodo (our Goalkeeper) is one of the BEST of the entire set… good composition, good lighting, etc.

In any case, that is what I did most of Saturday night.  I got to bed late, so I got to sleep in on Sunday (especially since it was Mother’s Day).  Nico and Dave got out of the house and let me sleep in… they went to breakfast and came home with some books for me… that Nico he sure does have good taste in books.  What was not cool about Saturday is that Nico decided that this napping business is for the birds. So there was no napping.  I did however get to witness how he actually goes about getting out of the crib.  Side note: it is the same technique he uses to get out of the car when I let him sit in the front seat at practice.  Dave took him to the pool in the afternoon and I did some cleaning and some school stuff.

We worked in the garden in the late afternoon (we have three cherry tomatoes coming in!!).  Nico loves watering the plants- we have strawberry plants, cucumbers, watermelons and pumpkins.  I keep planting sunflowers, but none have germinated.  I am starting to think that either I got a bad pack of seeds or the squirrels are getting them.  They are watching us plant the seeds then they run into the garden and dig them up when we leave.  We also planted some tomato seeds and some pepper seeds with the idea of making Auntie Nic Nic and Uncle Cody some salsa and some hot sauce.  We also have a bunch of flowers in pots.  In all, its pretty fun- it gives us a chance to get dirty and for Nico to do some chores.

Sunday we had an early dinner and got Nico to bed (with some struggle).  I think we have turned a new corner with this sleeping thing.  I think Nico realizes that Dave and I don’t necessarily go to sleep when he does.  I think he now knows that Dave and I keep doing stuff after he goes to bed, so henceforth, he doesnt want to go to bed and miss all the fun.  Which is actually adorable, if you think about it.

Speaking of the little guy, I think I am going to try to take him to the last shuttle launch June 28th.  Its a Tuesday and I have already asked for it off from work.  I think we would leave in the morning and drive down.  See the launch and come back. I know that he is probably too young to appreciate it… but I think he will appreciate the fact that I took him when he gets older.  Maybe?  Or maybe we will spend 10 hours in th car with him pissed off the entire time?  There is that….

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