Not much new to report. We had kind of a laid back weekend. Dave’s parents drove back through Tally on their way home, so we saw them briefly on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning for breakfast. Nico and Dave went swimming at their hotel on Saturday night, which you know that Nico loved…

Friday night, Nico woke up throwing up in the middle of the night. Apparently its been going around at his daycare. Apparently there are parents out there that think its okay to send their kid to school puking and sick. Lovely. We ended up throwing Nico in the bath and getting him cleaned up. But it took almost 2 hours for him to go back to sleep. It took him the rest of the weekend to really kick it though… he was pretty snuggly. Which is nice, but I know that he’s sick when he wants to be held more (like this weekend).

Yesterday I was thinking about how different he is turning out from Dave and Me… he is really OCD about cleaning things. I dont know if this is the age or this is a permenent feature of his personality. Whenever he spills rice out of his rice table, he wants to sweep it up right away. He takes the time to sweep leaves off the sidewalk and the front step. We’ve started letting him put money in his piggy bank. This started as just something to do…to work on his fine motor skill and recognizing shapes. But now its a little ritual that we do… whenever he finds coins in our car or on our desk he wants to put them in the pig. Of course, he has no idea what money is for, what those coins will do. But I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to be one of those kids who is constantly exasperated by his clown parents who didnt grow up. Like we’re clowns who need to have someone making sure that we dont eat jelly beans and maple syrup for dinner. He’s also relentlessly interested in fire trucks and garbage trucks, which is kind of fun.

I am working hard trying to get two papers out the door my early mid-july to help strengthen my application materials. But it sucks. Really. I am kind of worn out… Seems like every time I sit down at my desk, its covered in stuff… a stack of Nico’s books I took out of my bag (which I used as a diaper bag going to breakfast). A pile of clothes that need to be folded. Crayons and markers from Nico coloring. Mail. So when I am at home, its never just being able to sit down and write. It’s difficult to write at night when Nico goes to bed because our schedule has gotten so late and I am the one who puts Nico to bed. So if Nico doesnt get to sleep until 930- it’s damn near impossible to get back in front of the computer, because I am usually already pretty tired. I could take some adderall- but then I would be awake all night. I could go somewhere, but its just too much of a production and nothing here is open after about 1000 anyways.

IE says the market is starting now and it still looks sort of dismal. Most of the positions that I am seeing are for non-permanent, one year lecturer positions, which I am a bit wary of. It would mean that I’d basically go back on the job market in the fall of 2012 after moving us from Tallahassee to where ever. I was pretty excited about a post I saw at Washington and Lee University, which is in the Shenendoah Valley of Virginia. Apparently, I need to go back to college and study a map, because its like 3-4 hours outside of DC and 2 hours away from Richmond in Lexington, VA. Not “in the DC area”, like I originally thought.

Other than that, I went to the doctor yesterday and they removed my cast. Took out the stitches and gave me a new one.

Nico noticed it right away when I went to pick him up yesterday. He’s also getting pretty good at holding doors and helping me with the crutches. He’s pretty much adorable.

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