Birthday decision!!

I spent some time yesterday at lunch looking around for birthday locations for Nico’s birthday. Because he has the misfortune of being born in August, an outside party is almost certainly a no-go (unless it’s at a pool). Otherwise we’d have a situation like we had last year, with 4325874958734295 people at our 1500 square foot house… and it rained. Yeah, I am in the wrong business. Apparently the real money is in birthday party locations. 300+ dollars for a party at the ghetto pool at 9am or 630 pm? Right…

So, I think we might just skip the madness this year. Maybe have a fun “Nico Day” that entails going to the pool and getting frozen yogurt. And maybe getting this:

After his little friend Ezekial’s birthday party, this might be a good option. If you remember, Nico spent most of the day on a tricycle.

Maybe a good choice?

Seriously… can’t you just eat him up?

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