Nothing new…

I have nothing new to report. That is part of what goes down when your wings are clipped a little (which is what’s going on here with me being in a cast). I can’t carry food around the kitchen much at all… so I don’t do a lot of cooking. So if Dave doesnt make it or pack it for me, I usually end up eating drive through or take out. Isnt that sad? Especially so since there is so much stuff I want to make… lots of cool things I am seeing on Pinterest.
Like chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.
Hungry Girl’s Mac and Cheese.
and Popsicles.

I know, right… isnt it cool? Please, friends, join right now. Thanks.

The really fun stage of teaching your kids funny stuff is now upon us. Dave and I have decided to teach Nico all the British terms for things… like butt is bum, the bathroom is the loo, elevators are lifts. Its pretty awesome. I am also teaching Nico that when he falls down and gets dirt on himself that he needs to “Brush it off, just like the haters.”

He’s also getting kinda fun in that he can blame his classmates at school for stuff. So yesterday he had sand in his ears and in his diaper. And when I asked him what happened he said that Dexter did it.  Interesting.  But I kinda have to be careful because then when I ask about other kids, Nico just says yeah. So this is how the conversation goes:

Me: Dexter poured sand on your head? What about the other kids? Did Ezekial pour sand on your head?
Nico: Yeah.
Me: Did Avery pour sand on your head?
Nico: Yeah.
Me: Did Ovid pour sand on your head?
Nico: Yeah.
Me: Did Molly pour sand on your head?
Nico: Yeah.

Now, I love my boy. But I have a hard time believing that he was sitting there minding his own business and these kids ganged up on him and all started pouring sand on his head. I mean, its possible, Ezekial could have held Nico down while the rest of the kids poured sand on Nico’s head. But it seems awefully viscious for two year olds…

All for now. Hope your week is going well.

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