We had a pretty fun weekend here. Uncle JJ came up to see us! We waited till after nap on Saturday to go out to Monticello for the Watermelon Festival. We pretty much got there as they were taking it down 😦 but not before we snagged some sno-cone and meat on a stick- which you can’t beat!!

We pretty much just hung around the house. In one sense it was good because I havent had a lot of that lately, but I am feeling the pinch now. I am trying to get these two damn papers out the door.

I seem to be getting sick. Or I seem to be now, at the age of 31 developing a serious set of allergies. Or its just head cold central up in here. In any case, Dave brought home some Allegra tonight and that seems to be helping. Speaking of which, I have calculated it out and it looks like I will be doing dishes and making dinner for the rest of the year. Given that I am totally not weight bearing, that means I have to walk with crutches. Have you ever tried carrying food to and fro while carrying crutches? Yeah, do not like.

So on the way back into town, from the watermelon festival, we snagged some fruit at a fruit stand on Capital Circle. We got a bag full of almost ripe peaches and some watermelon. Today, after school, I sat Nico on the table and had started on a peach and offered him a bite. He ate the whole damn thing. Out of my hand. Refusing to hold it his own self. Seriously. He likes fresh peaches? And pizza? Yeah, until about three weeks ago, I was pretty sure that the only food he liked was CHICK nuggets. Turns out he likes pizza too. Like a fool. That kid changes every day.

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