It was fun.

Howdy Nico fans!!

We had a fun weekend!  Dave and I finally upgraded beds!!  Woooo hooooo!!  One of my friends’ husband works at the Sears in Thomasville.  I put him on the lookout for any deals on king sized mattresses and box springs because we’ve been wanting to get one for a while.  Well, they ended up having a California King mattress that needed to get sold.  One thing led to another and I brought it home this weekend.  Dave spent yesterday setting it up and we are very happy with it.  Its taller than our queen bed was, so I am not sure how that is going to work with the dogs sleeping in it.  They are old and rickety… so I dont know if they will be able to get in and out of it like the old bed.  Which is actually funny because we decided we needed the bigger bed because the dogs take up so much of the space. 

We did the fireworks thing yesterday.  Dave and Nico and I went to Tom Brown park for the July 4th festivities.  It rained just before the fireworks were supposed to happen, so we got there and it wasnt too crazy.  Unfortunately, I am still on crutches, so I couldnt bird-dog Nico very well.  We ended up having some hot dogs and hamburgers and then left (before fireworks started).  We wanted to leave ahead of the crowd and find a place on Capital Circle to watch. There were several places on Capital Circle where people had decided they would view the fireworks and started impromptu viewing parties, from the beds of their pick up trucks or on top of their cars.  It was pretty cool. 

We ended up settling on Sams Club at Cap Circle.  Nico had a pretty good time.  He said the fireworks were fun, but he wanted to go home to take a nap (it was pretty late at this point).  Very adorable. 

Have a few pictures from the weekend.  Not many because its hard enough toting my own self anywhere, let alone toting my big girl camera.  Speaking of which, getting my cast off next week (monday).  Woo hoo.  I am hoping to start swimming a lot next week.  Wooo hoooo!!  And shooting more pictures.  And cooking.  By the way… the first thing we are cooking is popsickles.  Apparently, you put slices of fruit in a popsickle mold and pour in capri sun and that is the most delicious popsicle ever.  Oh, and I have three words for you: cookie dough truffles.  Yeah.  For real. 

Other than that: we’re back on the grind.  I guess I am officially on the job market.  My letter writers have information to write letters about me.  I am getting my materials together.  Very nervous.  Very. 

All for now.

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