Birthdays and serial killers…

So we had a pretty fun weekend around here.  My fear of being suspected as a bad mother came true on Friday.  I made the mistake of asking one of Nico’s teachers Sue how Nico had been.  And she let me have it.  Apparently Mr. Nicholas Michael Royse felt the need to grab Nia (the little asian girl in his class) by the hair and yanked/pushed her to the ground. WHA-WHAT?  Excuse me?  Shut the front door!  Absolutely mortified.  I told him how sad I was with him as we were leaving school, so I think he kinda got it. I also canceled our smoothie/slushe date in favor of going home and doing chores.  I think he got it because he was very quiet in the car ride home. 

Saturday morning, Dave headed down to practice.  I took Nico to his friend/classmate’s (A) birthday party at Lofty Pursuits.  Lofty Pursuits is a place where you can get old fashioned soda drinks and rootbeer floats and ice cream.  Apparently the place was just written up in the New York Times.  Its got lots of cool toys like hula hoops and disc golf dics.  They have a little room where they apparently hold paties.  Apparently some kids have been sick from his school, so there was only one other kid (in addition to Nico), but was a lot of fun.  We had “chick nuggets” and ice cream and cake.  At one point, we had all three running around the table chasing each other. 
Of course, at one point, Nico and A were “discussing” who should get to play with some bean bags.  By discussing, I mean, they were having a little tug of war over them.  Granted, Nico had them first.  But that isnt the point.  The point is that when Avery tried to get them, he pulled her close and it looked, to the casual observer that he was trying to kiss her. In reality, he was trying to bite her.  On the face.  Like Hannibal Lecter.  My kid is becoming a serial killer.  I am clearly failing at my one mission in life, which was to make sure that Nico didnt become a serial killer.
Of course, one of the things I love about Avery is that she is taller then he is… and tough.  So when Ezekial tried to take her baby dolls from her play dolls with her at Dexter’s birthday party, she fought back.  She didnt just give up and go crying to her mom.  So… my hope is that when Nico tries to bully her, that she puts the muscle on him. 

Nico fell asleep about 5 minutes after we got in the car- so rather than driving him home and waking him up to walk himself inside, just drove down to Wakulla for our car-wash fundraiser.  We had a really good turn out in terms of players- most of them were there.  I dont know how much money we made- it was likely tough because it was spitting rain for most of the afternoon. 
I got a nap on Saturday afternoon, which was nice.  I woke up and worked on some job market stuff before going to bed. 
Sunday Nico and I got up and let Dave sleep in.  We had some breakfast and then settled in to watch the Womens World Cup Quarterfinal Game between the US and Brazil.  What is unfortunate about this clip is that they dont show the build-up to the ball from Rapinoe to Wambach.  Some tough smart defending on the right side of our goal are led to two touches in transition in the midfield and a ball to Rapinoe who hit the cross to Wambach.  It  wasa great game to watch.  Nico watched a lot of it.  He also spent a lot of time demanding that we read his newly found truck book.  It was lost for over a month, and I think I have read it to him 5 or 6 times since sunday. 
After Nico’s nap on Sunday, I headed to campus to do some work.  I got some work done on applications and even managed to send one off (which is unfortunate because then I got some additional feedback from Ike after it was already sent 😦  But that is okay, it was to a school that Dave wasnt interested in me going to anyways (Washington and Lee in Lexington.)  What he doesnt know is that I have an interview at ASA with Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  HA!!  Joke’s on him!!  Although I haven’t been to Decorah or Lexington, I am fairly certain that Decorah makes Lexington look like a booming metropolis on the edge of DC 🙂 (note, its about 3.5 hours away from DC… on the outskirts of Charlottesville…
The interviews at ASA process is kinda weird.  It doenst really mean anything.  Its kind of like speed dating… usually 15-20 minute interviews with individuals who are attending ASAs from departments who are hiring.  Then when applications are reviewed, sometimes the committee might remember interviews that happened at ASA.  Sometimes they lead to phone interviews, but mostly, I have heard its good practice.  In addition to the Luther interview, I have one with Carelton College, which is in Minnesota. 
When I think about the Post Doc that I want to do at UT Austin, it makes me want to write a (kinda joking, but not really) #1 fan letter to UT Austin and post it on my profile on  facebook.  But I “liked” the UT Austin Population Center Page, which means I think they can see my profile and that would just be embarassing.  Like maybe I got it and I show up for the post-doc and everyone thinks I am a psycho because I wrote a #1 fan letter to UT Austin.  Then I have to spend two years of my life in hiding because I am so embarassed about the letter and no one wants to work with me.  So friends and family, if you see me write a fan letter about Austin and post it as a note in facebook, remind me to take it down, because no one likes the crazy girl. 
Of course, some like Ike are probably like, “Wha- what?  I see you’re applying for teaching at small schools and Post-Docs at schools that are way out of your depth.  So which is it? Do you want to go research or teaching?”  To which I reply, “I want a job where I can have summers off.”  Just kidding.  My answer: I dont know.  I, like IE, just want choice.  I want to be able to choose how and where the next chapter of my life plays out.  Just choice.  That is all I want. 🙂
When I was at campus, Dave took Nico to eat Chinese food… which is to say the Chinese Buffet on the Parkway, where Nico had “chick” nuggets and watermellon.  Nothing says Chinese food like chicken nuggets and water mellon.  🙂 

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