Things are going here. We had a really good weekend at the house. We spent most of Saturday cooking and cleaning. The thing is, that if we would just keep the house clean, it wouldnt be such a beat down whenever we want to have people over.

Margot, Mike and Zoe Claire came over for dinner Saturday night, which was awesome. We had this crazy good spinach dip (whose main ingredient is crack… like the addictive kind). Plus we had blackberry mojitos (that were kinda weak). We also had chicken curry and a lemon meringue pie. Unfortunately, it didnt occur to me until about 5 minutes ago that I should have taken a picture of this feast. Oh well… sad face.

Fun was had by all, except for Nico who started to show his tail at the end. Speaking of which, the boy is ridiculously smart. Seriously, he is starting to understand where things are… so like we went to the post office the other day, he knew where we were. We also had to drive by Bagelheads to get to the YMCA to workout and he said, “Bagels!” It was pretty great. He’s getting more and more elaborate when he plays, so now when he gets in the cabinet (goes to work) and opens the door (comes home), he says he’s home. I ask if he made lots of money and he says yes. To buy jelly beans, diapers, clothes and books with. Its pretty cool.

Sunday we went to breakfast at Golden Corral. We dove by a pig statue in front of the little shops by Lake Ella. Where in he became obsessed with getting out of the car and going to hug the pig. And sit on it. So after lunch, he and Dave went to do that while I went to campus. I came home a few hours later for leftover pie and beer (its a delicious combination) and we had a nap. We had planned to go swimming at the Y again, but we woke up too late. Isnt that a terrible problem to have? Missing swimming because we napped too late?

I even got a few minutes on Saturday night and Sunday to start a shaw. Yeah, I got some of that ridiculously soft yarn from Joanns and have started a shaw for myself on the long loom (also teaching myself how to use the loom). Now I just need some place nice to wear it.

Overall things are going well. Looking forward to my trip to ASAs in Vegas. I have made contact with a lot of people and set up several informal interviews. Although, I dont know anyone who found the interviewing/chatting experience at ASA to lead to a job… so it makes me nervous because there are places that I would LOVE to offer me a job (Carleton College, University of Delaware). I am hoping that chatting with such individuals wont exclude me from the process. Which is the opposite of what is supposed to happen. Although, I am posed to spend a long time in August talking about myself, which I am not a fan of doing. Which is probably why I feel that I am so bad about networking. Booooo!!

Oh well. That is all for now. I am off!!

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