I’m cookin, I’m cookin, I’m really really shookin….

Not much going on around here. Nico’s tricycle bike came last night, but I didnt have the time to put it together. That will be a fun little project for today when I get home. Mom and I are working on a laptop sleeve from some of the green and blue swirly paisley that I made Nico’s curtains out of. Very excited about that.

I have also been cooking a bunch this week. We had baked chicken on Monday, Pork Pot pie on Tuesday, Spaghetti last night. Tonight we will have baked ziti. Maybe some chicken pasta bake on Friday. Speaking of which, does anyone have any good ideas for freezer meals? I am thinking of stocking the freezer full of casseroles and such for when the high school soccer season starts, which is just around the corner.

The cap for the pool came on Tuesday, which is real exiciting. I cant wait to get the pool set up this weekend. Nico is going to have a blast!! Yay!!

Wanna see a picture of no-nap time Nico who made an apperance on Tuesday?

Seriously though, don’t you just want to bite him? Last night I got a video of him singing Twinkle Twinkle little star. Its seriously the most adorable thing ever. I hope to upload it to youtube tonight. Melts your heart.

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