Long time, no see.

So, I have been out of pocket lately.  Actually, not really.  I hate that phrase.  I have been out of touch, not out of pocket. While I have yet to fully express my annoyance at the term “out of pocket” as a term to describe “unreachable” on this blog, it has been done, to which I add, “Ditto.”

The past couple of weeks was the run up for the conference I went to last week.  I was pushing hard to get a paper done and get prepared.  I am still not done with the paper, which is okay,I guess, since I have some time this weekend.  Oh, wait.  No I dont, becausse I am being evicted from my office on campus.  Yes.  This day has come.  The office space in the population center that I share with Ursula is now needed for a PhD student.

The one thing that is kind of a drag is that without the office, I wont probably go to campus much anymore.  Which is a shame, because I love being able to go there and have food, access to a power source, tables and stuff to work.  I could leave stuff there and that was okay.  I sincerely doubt I will spend much time on campus working anymore now.  Its not worth the effort to go to the library- so I guess my only options are Bada Bean, which I dont think is open all day or the dirty hippies at All Saints.  I would say Blackdog Cafe, but it seems like they turn their wireless off on the weekend.

The conference I went to last week?  It was okay… ups and downs.  I was flying pretty high until I had a conversation with a guy from Cornell (the brother of a friend), who managed to turn our informal little chat into a “come to jesus” meeting about how I suck at life and should probably have thrown myself off my balcony since I am basically unemployable without a publication in the American Sociological Review (the lead journal in sociology).  I got some good insight into jobs that I am interested in… like University of Delaware and Carleton College.

I went to dinner with my old college roommate Erica.  She seems to be doing well.  She lives just outside of Vegas in a pretty awesome home.  She has two little girls who are absolutely precious. The older of the two proves the idiom, “The apple doesnt fall too far from the tree.”  As for Vegas- I dont think I need to ever go back.  Maybe I am jaded because my experience was mostly waiting to do stuff- waiting in line to check in, waiting for a cab, waiting to cross the street, etc.  And the entire city smells like smoke.  While I dont mind the smell of smoke if I am the one smoking, I really hate it when I am not.  REALLY.

I did have a couple of amazing meals- one with Erica at the Yardhouse- which is a brew pub.  We had their mac and cheese, which was off the hook.  I was extraordinarily tired, so much so I couldnt finish it.  I also had salmon at Mesa on Monday afternoon, which was delicious (Mesa is a restaurant at Cesars).  I had Mexican Chocolate Pudding, which was so rich that I had to take leftovers.  Yeah… I know.  Do you know how rich that is?  I also had dinner with AD on Saturday night after our session at Margaritaville.  Dinner was okay…I wasnt terribly hungry so I was deterred from what I really wanted (Nachos, which apparently could feed an entire country).

Dave’s parents stayed while I was gone.  I think Nico got a kick out of having someone to play with or talk to ALL THE TIME.  Consequently, he is quite the chatty cathy lately.  He now routinely counts up to 14 or 16 and knows his ABCs (although sometimes he skips h-i-j).  Since Nico is still out of school for today and tomorrow, he and Dave is are on their way to Miami.  Nico is going to hang out with the grandparents while Dave works.  It was a total bummer to put them in the car this morning.  Although Nico thought that it was funny that his Big Puppy was wearing his sunglasses.  I have Nico’s New Puppy (that my mom brought for him) with me today to remind me of Nico.

They’ll be home on Saturday.  Until then, I am catching up on some stuff that needs to be done.  And cleaning out my stupid office.  😦  In unrelated news, I have started to watch the series “Mad Men.”  LOVE IT.  LOVE IT.  LOVE IT.  I am already in the second season and I am intrigued with some of the characters.  I have also decided that in my next life, I am going to dress like Joan.  For real:


Per usual for the great series, there is a lot of good character development.  And not just the main character (Don Draper).  There is a sniveling weasel named Pete Campbell who you just have to hate.  Seriously, if I saw the guy playing him on the street, I would probably punch him in the face before remembering, oh, he’s just a character.
Since the boys wont be here for the rest of this week, I think I am going to start Deadwood as well… but there is only a couple of seasons of that.  My mom keeps getting on me because I haven’t gotten on the Deadwood train yet 🙂

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