The Return of MegaBeast!!

Ahhh the weekend. 

Nothing really excitiing to report, not like NiCody who hiked Grey’s Peak in Colorado.  Dave and Nico got back into town on Saturday.  While I was officially at the house all by myself Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday, I COULD.NOT.DO.ANYTHING towards the IRB application(s) I need to finish and revise, the article that I need to get out the door or the 7 applications I need to get out the door by October 1.  Seriously, I dont know what my problem was.  Except, that maybe I was tired and physically/mentally/emotionally depleted from the run up to ASAs.  I have been working every weekend and several nights a week on applications and writing, etc since Memorial Day Weekend.    

Not only did I manage to watch an entire season of Mad Men, but I also made blueberry muffins.  From scratch.  Yeah, they were pretty delicious.  I also thought I was going to start a new binder/calendar/planner organization system.  Seen here.  See, part of the problem is, that I dont really like my current planner… I feel like its on the verge of spilling all of its contents all over the floor.   So I started setting up a binder of sorts, like in the link.  but I dont really like it so far.  The pages are kind of annoying.  In any case, I found a link to Erin Condgren, who has a line of planners that might be more up my alley.  So I ordered one.  I am pretty excited about it. 

I also did some grocery shopping.  And napping. 

I tackled the Great Move out of my office yesterday.  Consequently, my back is kinda sore today.  In the end, it ended up being pretty annoying.  I left campus with 8 boxes of stuff- articles, books, binders, random crap I had in my desk, dishes, food.  6 boxes of stuff if you only count that stuff that will hopefully go on the shelf of the place that hires me and gives me a desk.  Or… 6 boxes of stuff that would start a massive bonfire for my “F- Academia” Party.  But Dave seems to be supportive of me doing the academic job market again next year (in the event I dont get hired this year anywhere livable).  Of course I am not too keen on this- simply because it means I have to keep trying to get published when I am not guranteed a job.  Which I wouldnt care about it, except that no matter how I slice it, there are only 24 hours in a day.  And as much as I try, I cant do 36 hours of work in 24 hours (especially since sleep is a requirement for me not being a cranky B—-!)

Today is Nico’s first day of school after the three week break.  I am half expecting his school to call me to come get him on account of him being a Mega Beast.  Oh yes. 

Case in point:

Why is he sitting on a step on the front step?  Because he has gotten so obstinate and independent lately, that telling him no to some things are a surefire way to end up with a MELTDOWN.  Seriously.  At the point this picture was taken, he had already had two meltdowns (and had only been a wake for about 30 minutes).  He isnt quite at the age yet where I can reason with him… so when he picked up the step to walk out the door for a picture, I could have said, “You don’t need this step”.  But I figured, who cares?  He went to sit on it and fell and ended up falling down the step.  I am trying to let him learn, but it sure can be a beat down.  Independence is for the birds.   
I cut his hair last night and he looks super cute today wearing orange high tops.  All for now. Hope you all have a fun week. 

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