We had an amazing weekend around here. 

It started with a workout at the YMCA on Saturday.  We planned to go to the pool, but it was closed for maintanence.  So Dave took Nico to Wade Wehunt for swimming and I came home to get lunch started.  True story: I lost the cap to the swimming pool that Granny You bought Nico for his birthday last year.  I tried two different places to buy replacement caps (for the valve where you blow up the pool).  I eventually had to concede that we weren’t going to be able to use the pool and ended up throwing it away.  I know.  I am terrible.  Not only am I a shitty daughter but a terrible environmentalist.  In any case, I bought a replacement pool and ended up filling it on Saturday so Nico could swim at the house. 

Nico had a shortish nap on Saturday and when he woke up swam for a little with Daddy while I went to Lowes.  I wanted to get a few more strawberry plants for the garden.  My plan is to have a ton of strawberry plants in the spring.  When I got home from Lowes, Nico and I planted the strawberry plants and transferred the herbs we bought last week to pots.  We now have rosemary, mint, and basil growing in pots.  Not to mention three new tomato plants with blooms (so they should come in any day now).  The pepper plants are going like crazy- I harvested another 5 jalapenos on Saturday.  Plus, I put some bibb lettuce and arugula in the ground last week.  The only thing I need is for cucumbers to get on board and grow. 

We ended up grilling on Saturday… can I share with you how I was able to make my favorite burger ever?  Hardees used to have a jalapeno thick burger on toasted bread.  Yes.  I went there.  It was amazing.  I am still blown away by its awesomeness.  Nico has either turned the corner on picky eating or he is growing through a growth spurt, because little homey is eating everything.  Except for vegetables.  No joke.  So where we used to have a bag of chicken nuggets on hand (just in case), we are just giving him what we eat, plus supplementing with stuff he should eat (like yogurt, fruit, etc.)  In fact, Saturday night, Nico put away most of the bag of grapes I bought on Friday.  A lot like Uncle JJ, I think. 

Sunday I went to campus to work…after realizing I lost my keys.  Yes.  I am a grown ass woman.  I lost my keys.  I have no idea where they could possibly be.  So that was annoying.  I got about half way through the edits that Ike suggested on our paper.  Hoping to email that thing off this week-on Friday.  When I got home, we all worked out side.  Dave spilled a can of paint on the patio… so he was busy turning that into an ecological disaster when I detailed my car (except for the floor mats- suck!!)  I even replaced the bulb in my headlight… my own self.  And I replaced my wipers.  And Dave changed my air filter.  Everytime I have a little win like this, I think to myself, “The PRICE IS WRONG, BITCHES!”  I don’t know why, or why I would share that with you… but I just did.  Boo yah!!

So that was our weekend.  Some pictures of the cute!!

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