I been around the world…

I was in Orlando, Florida.

In any case, Nico and Dave survived last week, with no scarring. So that is good. While I was gone, Nico started putting “Can I?” on the front of questions. So instead of saying, “Nico wash the dishes.” he is now saying, “Can I wash the dishes?” Its pretty awesome. He has also started inquiring about the world around him. Like, “Mama, did you take a shower?” “Is Daddy in the bathroom?” and “Where is Drake?”

He is also addicted to Calliou… a show about a preschool boy on Sprout. There are a ton of Calliou videos on youtube… so there is that. They aren’t bad… usually about 8 minutes a piece. Is it good that he watches 3 in a row when its time to go to bed? No Is it good that he generally only wants to watch when he is bored?” No. Are Dave and I terrible parents for letting him? Probably. Oh well. If it means that now he wont be a doctor, I guess I am going to have to do a good job on selling him on why its awesome that he isnt going to be 150,000.00 in debt when he graduates. Meh.

So the weather here was beautiful this weekend. I got home on Friday night and we spent the night just hanging out and catching up on my Nico snuggles. Saturday we did some errands and ran up to Thomasville to catch part of a TUFC game (several of our high school girls were playing in a tournament). We ended up stopping by PoBoys on the way home and having an early dinner. Sunday we did some more errands and I stayed home with Nico while he napped so Dave could go to the gym. We made chef salad and homemade chicken noodle soup and pretzels for dinner. Dave had wanted to check out Oktoberfest in the All Saints neighborhood, but apprently it wasnt very Festy… This adds to Dave’s annoyance with Tallahassee. He is a little spoiled because in Louisville, with all the Catholic churches everywhere, you apparently couldnt swing a deadcat without hitting a festival for some saint, for some reason.

In any case, Dave wants to take Nico down to the Highland games next Saturday in Ocala. He is thinking about making it a day trip… if I dont go, I could stay and watch the dogs. If I did go, we would need someone to let the dogs out (cue song, “Who let the dogs out?”)

I applied for a job in Tallahassee last week. I had a phone interview on Thursday and have a face to face interview scheduled for tomorrow. Its managing a project at the Med School. The PI said that they could convert it to a post-doc, which would benefit me immensely. It would be a dramatic improvement in my LIFE. I would be able to work a job that would inherently add lines to my CV through publishing. P

Of course, IE says that its hard to say how competitive I am because rejection letters havent started going out yet. It may be that I am short listed in all the places I have applied (which would be awesome). Highly unlikely, but it would be awesome. Then I would end up in a place where I have to make the choice between staying in the post doc (which will end in two years) or leaving to take a tenure trach job somewhere.

He also says that doing a post doc with the college of medicine might take me further away from sociology and demography. Which I think is a valid concern… it might be hard to go back to demography or even sociology once working with the med school for a while. Of course, I have papers in the pipeline that could keep me solidly in demography. So there is that. But its a nice place to be in. And its definitely nice getting job applications off. Last week, I applied to the University of Delaware, University of Maryland Baltimore County, University of Louisville, Connecticut College, University of Missouri Kansas City, Francis Marion University and Denison University. My next batch includes The College of New Jersey, U of Nebraska, Loyolay New Orleans, Kent State, UC Santa Barbara, American U., Utah State and Old Dominion.

If I got this job then, I would probably not send out the next round of applications. Then I could spend more time with this guy:

Seriously. Dont you just want to bite him?

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