Weekend funs!

The weekend was pretty fun. I took Nico to work with me in the morning on Friday to show him off (my boss hadnt met him yet). We took bagels for the office and deemed ourselves, “Bagel Heroes!”.

The weekend started a little early for me- because Nico’s school called to tell me he has gastro-plague and to come get him. So I left work at about 11 and scooped him up. He was looking kinda tired, so we went home for lunch and a nap. I finished one christmas gift and started another (booyah!!) When Nico woke up, we went to run some errands, which included a trip to the pond in Myers Park to feed the geese. Coincidentally, all we had were some animal cracker type cookies… which the geese REALLY liked. Go figure.

When Dave was done with work, he came home and scooped us up to go to the Oktoberfest that was in town. We had brats, apple struedel, pretzels, cupcakes, snocones, and beer (I know the cupcakes were a little out of place, but Lucy and Leo’s was there… Hello….). Nico didnt have any beer, but did play a few games of cornhole, where in he insisted on standing over the top of the game and throwing the bags into the hole.

I stayed up late and revised my IRB application. When we got up in the morning, Dave took Nico to the highland games in Ocala. I stayed home to catch up on some soccer stuff and house-cleaning. Which is kind of a bummer…

Sunday morning we got some groceries. When Nico went down for a nap, I started some cooking. I made chili and jalepeno popper things. I also managed to burn the hell out of my thumbs with the unidentified hot peppers I have growing in back yard. Since starting them in my garden, I have been rather cavelier with jalapenios. Which are delicious in grilled cheese. These other peppers are green, but shorter and fatter. So I thought they were just the dull boring cousin of the jalapeno. Apparently not so much. After washing my hands several times, I made the mistake of taking my contacts out with an affected thumb. And promptly burnt the s$#t out of my eye. IDIOT. In any case, I have been proclaimed “Chili champion!” of the house!!

In any case, Nico and I made some blueberry muffins (based on Alton Brown’s recipe) after nap. And they are off the hizzie, fo shizzie (translation: they are very good.)We also cleaned his pool, watered the garden, played ball and did his favorite thing: take the garbage and recycling bins down to the street. Dave played soccer in the evening and I went for a run. It was a great weekend.

Nico’s language is REALLY coming along. He is now bargaining… so if I tell him “One video, then we have to get up and do some laundry,” he says: “How about two more videos?” His memory is getting to be insane. Dave and Nico drove by Cross Creek Animal Hospital this weekend. Cross Creek is where our neighbor took Drake when Drake escaped and cut his foot. Nico has only been there once (when we went to check up on Drake) so there is no reason for him to associate this memory with anything else. And it happened 9 months ago. He pointed out crosscreek and said, “where Drake went when he was hurt.” How can he remember that? Its amazing. Still adorable. Still makes me want to bite him. 🙂

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