So we named teams yesterday. We only ended up cutting two players, so that is good. So far we have had relatively little drama. Seems to be working okay. Also trying to figure out how to get the best competition for the little big gun every day of practice. She is very fast and has a nose for the ball and the goal. Unlike midfielders, defenders and to a lesser extent, goalkeepers, a lot of the success of forwards is NOT contingent on good players getting them the ball. The best forwards make their own chances. She needs to do ODP… of course, its a struggle because the spring is for track… and its hard to convince a kid that finished 6th in the STATE in the 800 AS A FRESHMAN that her future is really in soccer. But we will try.

Of course, this is the part of the season that really kicks my a$$. We’re driving down to Wakulla almost every day and I feel like I am on the verge of getting fired for not being in the office. Not getting enough sleep and still have major things to handle (like requesting buses for away trips and getting legit with the state’s team management system. I am trying to make it so we dont have to cook when we get home, so I have been cranking out the crockpot meals and the make ahead dinners. Last night I made a (relatively) boring jambayla- that is in some serious need of some spicin’ up.

It will get better once games start… almost every week this season we have three games a week. And I will try to give them at least one rest day a week, but lets be real here, I would rather drive five minutes from my house to go to Rickards than drive down to Wakulla to play them.

I did have a pleasant surprise when I came to work today. My friend and coworker Lavon “made” me cupcakes (I say “made” because she actually got the publix bakery cupcakes, which is good because they are about the only ones I like). And decorated them. Like so:

The meat ball is a Ferraro Roche chocolate thing (truffle). The sauce is strawberry jam. They are pretty much delicious!! I have already had two. What is funny is that usually when people give me cupcakes, I am all about spreading the love- I will offer them to everyone in the office. But today I have offered them to two people just to be nice. Not really expecting that they would say yes. Who says yes? They are my cupcakes? No you can’t have one!! Get your own awesome friend that brings cupcakes on your birthday!

Coworker walks by looking longingly at my cupcakes.

Me (quietly): Would you like a cupcake? No! Great!! You’re welcome. Move along.

Coworker: I would love one!

Me: Sure. Do you have a plate?

Me (thinking): Go AWAY!! Stop trying to take all my cakes!! Do I get up in your grill when you go get shitty vegetarian food for your birthday? NO. Leave my cakes alone!

Coworker returns with plate: These are so cute!

Me: Get your cupcake and GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!

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