Burying the lead…

So, I have had a brilliant last couple of days. Friday, I had a soccer meeting with the WHS girls down in the county. When I got back, I scooped Nico up and we went to check out a backhoe loader that was by my work.

I probably shouldnt have let him climb on it (sets a dangerous precedent). But it was fun.

We started Saturday with a trip to Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen for breakfast. FORGET ABOUT IT!! So delicious. They have shrimp grits that are completely off the chain. So delicious. We then went up to the Pumpkin Patch at the church off of Meridian. I took my camera hoping to get some pictures of Nico cutes.
Here is one:

Sunday morning Nico and Dave made me breakfast. When Nico woke up he said, “Its your birthday, we gotta eat some cakes!!” Which is pretty adorable. They got me two things I have been wanting for a while, but have been too gun-shy to pull the trigger on (a Fitbit- which is a fitness device that records how many calories you burn throughout the day, along with sleep efficiency, etc and an adidas sling backpack… whoot). Am pretty excited about it. Mom and Dad gave me a gift certificate to Amazon…which is pretty rad. Am trying to figure out how to spend it… on a really expensive digital watch (that can also be worn with a heart rate monitor) or on a Nifty Fifty lens for my Canon DSLR? I think I would love both equally…. I dont know.

Dave took Nico to Premier for the kids room and some swimming on Sunday. I did some actual work on a presentation for a paper I am presenting on Thursday at SDA (its in Tally- whoot).

The REALLY big news is that I got my offer letter today. I told my boss at DOH. My last day is November 11… so that is really cool. I have 98 hours of leave that I am trying to figure out how to take. Turns out, I wont be in the office much… which completely rocks my face off. I might even take myself to see a movie. Probably the new Footloose, because I dont think Dave would go see it with me…

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