So I took Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday off of work. I am trying to burn up some sick leave and comp time before my last day (November 11). While I would love to say that I have spent this time wisely kicking ass on my R&R or writing the great American novel, sadly, I have not. I have mostly been cleaning and organizing. I know, Booooo- right??!!

Except for today, when I took myself to see the new Footloose movie. Now, the way I see it, there are two types of people in the world: people who liked the first and those who didnt. I loved the first… so I was a bit suspicious- because, who can beat the original? Plus, does the plight of teenagers in a town like Bomount have play with young people in the more?

Turns out that the improbability of a ban on dancing in these modern times is a lot less a problem then I thought. And I loved it. Seriously. I know. I should be ashamed of myself, but I am not. I loved it. Just like the original, it had me wishing I could dance. Seriously- I loved it. Of course, I do have quite plebian tastes when it comes to movies… so you probably ought not to go with my opinion… just sayin.

Nico is getting really fun lately. He is saying things like, “I wanna show you a trick” and “I have an idea!”. When we play ball he says, “Good throw!” and “Good pass!” It’s really a lot of fun.

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