Nico, Soccer, Polo, and Puppies in the pool

The weekend was pretty great!! We started out with a game at the Meadows against Maclay. Typically, Maclay beats us when we play. We started closing the gap last year when we lost 2-1 and defended a good bit of the time. This year we went at them pretty tough… and while they were missing their goal scoring machine, we were missing our Iron Lady, Norma Rae, who usually puts the muscle on their goal scoring machine, rendering her useless for the night. We went up pretty early and hung on to the lead for most the game until a handball by our GK outside the box. This resulted in a free kick and a goal and a reassessment of how terrible we are on defending set pieces.

Here is Nico… our sitter had to go home to see her doctor, so guess who came to the game and was annoyed he had to be there? Hint: his name rhymes with Rico.

Why does he have a tennis racket? That is a great question. I have no idea why!! Here is an earlier video, I took of Nico last week at the Taylor tournament. This is usually what it is like whenever he is at the field with us:

Saturday morning, Nico and I went to the gym (he went to the kids room). When we came home we really quick got ready to go to the Polo game. John Paul II a catholic high school here had a fundraiser at a horse farm out in Monticello. So we went and watched. It was pretty fun. Nico was relatively good- but was bored pretty quickly. He did get to sit on one of the referee’s horses… named Holiday. That was pretty sweet. Will try to get the picture I took of him up later.

True story: I want to own a small farm. Something big enough to have chickens, sheep and maybe a cow. And a HUGE vegetable garden, some fruit trees.

We chilled out easy on Saturday night. Sunday morning, I woke up and went for a run. After, we prepared to take the dogs to the annual Puppies in the Pool… where we take the dogs to Truesdale pool, which they open up to dogs the last weekend of the year (before they clean it).

It was pretty fun. Nico was getting ready to throw the ball when Drake lunged forward and snatched it out of his hand. It scared Nico pretty bad, so he wanted to cuddle for the rest of the time there. We won a raffle drawing, which was cool because we never win anything. We won a leash, which would be really cool if we walked our dogs… but they are pretty much beasts whenever we walk, so we dont walk them very much.

Nico’s overly cuddliness on Sunday ended up being the first signs of sickness… and he commenced ralphing at about 430. It was really random. But he had a pretty high fever, so I just hung out with him at the house. We layed on the couch and watched TV till he fell asleep. I stayed home with him on Monday and he was pretty much better by the evening.

That is all… except for this video of Nico feeding the guess, which I forgot to embed. Enjoy!!

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