Imma let you finish, but this drum is the best!!

So the weekend was pretty fun. We had Friday off (Thanks DAD and Mike!!) But I went down to the county for a team bonding session that consisted of a short run and some stretching and yoga. After, we went to one of our players’ houses for breakfast. Mama Williams threw down… egg casserole, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, the works. It was pretty good. Nico and Dave joined us for breakfast. After breakfast, we ran Nico home and hung out for a little while, till our sitter came. Then we had to run back down to the county for a game against Pensacola. It ended up being a pretty good game, despite the fact that we were missing several players due to injuries and cross country (who were running at Regionals. Damn them- they made it to state… so now we’re without them for another week).

Saturday we hung around the house for most of the morning… I rearranged the kitchen cabinets and did some cleans. In the afternoon we headed to a birthday party where Nico made like Kanye West (remember when he jumped on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs?) The gift we got for the birthday boy was a little drum/musical instrument set. But Nico kept trying to play with it… it was like, “Yo! Dillion, Ima let you finish unwrapping all dese gifts… but this drum is the best!” It was pretty great.

Saturday night I ran a couple of errands that included cracker barrel corn muffin mix (for Thanksgiving) and a serious conversation with the meat guys at Earth Fare… I reserved our Thanksgiving Bird from the hippie store. I know.. . Could I be more of a yuppie?
Sunday we hit up the fair. We happened to get there during a special time that was super cheap. We made our way to the petting zoo part of it, where by Nico fed sheep, goats, cows, lamas and such. He had a pretty good time! He kissed several of the animals on the nose… it was pretty much adorbs!! He also kept grabbing all the hay and throwing it on the animals. I don’t know why he kept doing this. But he did.


Other than that, it was a pretty chill weekend. Nico is really getting interested in sports lately. He has taken to throwing balls in the house… which I know I should stop… like its all funny and cute and everything, but if he ever develops a fastball, we are in trouble. He catches a lot now, which is cool. He is also “throwing a soccer ball in” proper now… which is hilarious, because his throw in is better than half the girls that play for Rickards. Just sayin…

He is also starting to incorporate the high front leg throw (like baseball pitchers, which is funny). Even better is he is starting to argue now. Last night he argued with Dave that horses don’t sleep, they just eat hay. I have no idea where he gets this from…

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