Wherein, I begin to braggity brag…

So… I officially started my new job yesterday. I am working on a project that is federally funded by the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) at the FSU College of Medicine. The University and the State have dumped a lot of money into the College of Medicine, so its pretty swank… no tile floors… lots of offices… no nail holes in the walls… lots of the nice heavy furniture. I park in a lot that is between the soccer field and the Med School. And its amazing.

There have been two studies to date that examine post-discharge adverse events. So when someone goes to the hospital and they are discharged, some have negative events. Like they might go home and have an infection, or a heart attack or whatever. This study is going to follow individuals who are discharged to determine if they have a negative event and what factors are associated with them. It’s pretty much amazing. Its only the second study of this kind to be performed in the United States. Plus we have some big timers on the grant, so its possible this might get in some of the bigger journals (like American Journal of Public Health or Journal of the American Medical Association).

In any case, I have my own office. I have dual monitors. In reality, that is all I need in life. And you think I am being a nerd, because you have never rocked the dual monitor situation. Once you go to two, you never go back… you can have your email on one side, and your web browser on the other. You can have your email on one side a Word document with the blog post you are writing to your family on the other. Boo yah!! Know what is also awesome? My computer, the network, the internetz are blazing… and, I have the browser I want (google chrome), not IE7, which sucks. I also have MS Office. Which is also cool… I swear everytime I wanted to do something in MS Office that wasn’t straight typing, I always had to google how to do it because, really? Who still uses Office 1997-2003?

Of course, I am in the honey moon phase of pimping out my office. I have a 7 foot tall bookshelf and lots of space for my files… which means that I can take all the books/binders/articles, etc that I have from when I was evicted from my office in the pop center, which are currently residing in haphazard stacks all over our back porch. I am sure Dave is going to be happy about this.

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