Do you know Borund?

Nico is really saying some funny things lately… some are things he comes up with on his own… some are things that just surprise me…

So, its no surprise that Nico loves drums… most kinds. In fact, he was at something a little while ago and got introduced to the Bodhran (pronounced like Borund). Its pretty cool because its a hand-held drum and you play with only one stick. As seen here:

Well… one of the really funny things he is saying lately is, “Do you know Borund?” Its pretty great.

He is also saying stock phrases whenever we play ball. So he will say, “Good pass, mom” or “Almost!” (even if he is not even anywhere even close to the basket). Which is pretty hilarious.

And the boy LOVES biscuits. Biscuits. He actually asked for them last night. I was coming back from practice and Dave texted me to say that Nico wanted biscuits. It’s not very often that he makes a request for something, so if its not too terribly inconvienent, I will try to get it for him. So we had KFC last night. For dinner. Uggh. Luckily they have a grilled recipe now… but I sorta feel like going to KFC for grilled chicken is kinda like going to a brothel for a hug… know what I am sayin?

Also, he says “I’m just happy,” whenever I catch him cracking himself up. Sometimes we will be eating dinner and he will be eating something he likes (like biscuits or oranges or grapes) and he is doing the big smile/silent laugh thing. I ask him what is going on and he says, “I’m just happy.” Its pretty much amazing.

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