What is this, you say? A blog post from Jessi? Unreal!! Weird!

Well, I am back on the grind… dealing with soccer games being rescheduled and moved and work. Bleh.
The thanksgiving holiday turned out pretty awesome. Nicole and Cody and the kids drove in last weekend and rented a house. Mom and Dad came to town and JJ too, and they stayed there, which beats the hell out of the LaQuinta, which is Spanish apparently for Bleh hotel.

They came to our games last week (versus Rickards and versus Florida High). The Florida High game was a hell of a game- we played our asses off!! And won… whoot!! Nico’s cousin Max got to be a ball boy for both games, which while fun for him was a little bit of a beat down for his dad.

The kids all got along pretty well… Nico was mostly interested in playing with Max and Emme was mostly interested in playing with Nico… but there werent many fights… except when Nico colored in one of Max’s books. To be fair, it looked like a coloring book 🙂

I made four pies for dinner… pumpkin, apple, lemon meringue and pecan. I dont know why I was convinced that we needed an pumpkin pie (maybe I thought Gay liked it). But the only piece that anyone ate out of it was Emme. The pecan and lemon meringue pies were gone on Saturday (which is what happens when you eat pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Here is a picture of the kids helping me make the apple pie:

Dinner was pretty good, I think, although I made ALOT of food. We ended up having a ton of leftovers, which I cant decide is good or bad. I guess its good because we dont have to cook this week… maybe bad that I have no idea how to judge how much food is needed? Or maybe I didnt account for people filing up on snacks throughout the day? I don’t know. In any case, I layed down to take a little power nap at 7pm on Thursday and didnt wake up till 8am on Friday morning (yikes!!). I was worn out!!

Friday evening, we tried to get some photos for christmas cards done (plus Nicole and Cody need a new family adoption photo). Of about 400 pictures that were taken of us, JJ and Max ruined a majority of the pictures. Can’t say I am surprised really… JJ has been ruining family photos for 28 years, dont know why he’d stop now 🙂

Overall, it was a pretty good holiday. I read two books. I know. How crazy is that? I read the hunger games and the second book (Catching Fire). Both were pretty good. Am looking forward to getting the last one.

All for now. Have a great monday!!

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