Its gonna tickle…

Nico knows about Santa. Can you believe it? I thought his first really fun Christmas would be next year, but turns out he is learning about Santa at school and from his friends (Avery went to see Santa and told some kids at school about it). Nico knows that Santa says “Ho ho ho.” How great is that? Also, Nico has taken to describing extreme things with “big fat”. So Santa has a “big fat” belly. And a “big fat” beard. And a “big fat” red coat and “big fat” boots. Its pretty fun.

His language development continues to amaze Dave and me. He’s using “just” a lot- which is awesome. He wants “just a little ketchup” or “just one more minute.” But probably the best thing he is doing is repeating things I say… so for example, whenever we brush his teeth. Lets be real here, two year olds suck at brushing their teeth. So, I often help. This works much better than me holding him down and force brushing his teeth, which is kinda like trying to force brush a cat’s set of teeth.

So I let him brush his teeth and then tell him he missed a few spots that I have to get. I start with his lower teeth. Then his upper teeth. Then I tell him, “Now we gotta do the roof of your mouth- its gonna tickle.” And so now, when I am done with his lower teeth he says, “Now we gotta doe the roof of my mouth- its gonna tickle.” My heart breaks into a thousand pieces every time he says it. Its hilarious. He’s also starting to use his imagination- in that he is substituting other things for a particular situation.

So the other night we went to Bahn Thai for dinner and we tell him we gotta hold hands in the parking lot, so that we dont get hit by a car. He says, “I dont wanna get hit by a car.” Then he says, “I dont wanna get hit by a train either” and “I dont wanna get hit by a grocery cart” and “I dont wanna get hit by an airplane.” Its really the most amazing thing.

Such a fun stage.

Here is a family picture that we took last weekend. We ordered our Christmas cards last night- whoot!!

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