Getting the holiday started…

We had a really fun weekend around here. We played at Chiles on Friday night. And lost 1-0. We missed a PK, so we could have tied it 1-1. I can admit when I cause us to lose- and it was on me on Friday. When we got the PK, we quickly decided to let our attacking center mid take it. I dont think that she was having that great of a game… and I didnt think she could handle it if she missed. So I made the call and had our little big gun take it, thinking that if she missed, she could handle it (SIDE NOTE: in hind sight, this always ends badly… there was no good that could have come from making that switch).

Well… she missed and I was wrong. You know how there is no crying in baseball? Well, there isnt supposed to be any crying in soccer. But did… she was crushed. It one sense my heart kinda breaks for her… because she doesnt really know how good she is- because if she knew how good she is, she’d shake it off and just say, “that’s okay, I have 20 minutes to get that back”. Or maybe she has such a wide view of the team that she knows that was our best chance to beat Chiles. In any case, there has only been one other time that I have had a player cry that put me on the edge ready to start weeping… and its weird because it was in the completely opposite situation… we were playing at home and we were getting our butts handed to us. By Bay, I think. And SB was in tears. I think we’d just gotten mercy ruled at home. And I told her that I could take a lot… I can handle a lot, but I cant handle her crying. (My heart was breaking).

I tried to get the little big gun’s head screwed back on… but she basically played with tears on her face for the rest of the game. Had a couple of decent opportunities late, but it wasnt enough. Of course, the Chiles team triple teamed her all night. They didnt even play with her in the back… if the ball came into their defensive third, they just played it away, taking no chances with her.

Saturday was kinda fun- I went with some old coworkers from the DOH to Market Days, which is an annual craft fair in Tallahassee. I got some Christmas shopping done (whoot!!) When we got home, my friend LaVon taught me how to use the bread maker that my mom and dad got me for Christmas.

Which was cool… when we were at Market Days, I bought some peach preserves that went on this bread perfectly. Soooo delicious. I even had some for breakfast this morning.

Saturday night, we went to the Winter parade in downtown. I took some pictures and video of Nico but lost them when I synced my phone last night. Sorry. Here is a picture of Nico and me:

Sunday we had the girls over for a little team bonding… we watched the NCAA Championship game and then our game tape. They are fun!!

Afterwards, we went to Lowes to get our tree. Nico got a little tree (a branch that he found on the ground and carried it around). Now I gotta figure out how to make this thing stand on its own:

And our tree:

Dave and I tend to disagree on a lot of things when it comes to decorating and how to use the space that one has. For example, our office at home has three doors. Necessary? No. If it were up to me, I would permanently close one and have more space. But, Dave thinks that looks trashy… but one thing we both agree on is that we both like the look of a minimalist tree… no christmas ornaments… just lights and garlands. I can live with that. When Nico gets a little older (and can help decorate the tree- we might have to have two trees… an elegant one with just lights and garland and the other one… with all kinds of stuff on it 🙂

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