for real.

Dear Family and Friends,
I made these last week.

It was Thursday night, I came back into town from practice and we had our sitter watching Nico. I ran through town in an epic Christmas shopping blitz. I was at the Lowes next door when I felt like I should bake some cookies. So I strolled into Publix and got the items for this. They were delicious. I prolly shouldnt admit to this, but I have eaten most of them. Dave and Nico have gotten a few… but sadly, this has mostly been about me. And they ARE really bad for you. Know how some things you eat and you’re like, “That wasn’t really as decadent tasting as I thought it would be… it prolly doesnt have THAT many calories.” And then your eyes POP out of your head when you see you just at 54954987324958723 calories? This isnt like that… you pretty much know you ate your daily allotment of calories in one bite. And you just dont care.

Apparently, I need to “Martha Up” in this hizzie and learn to sew. Because I want this real bad:

As Senator Clay Davis would say:

Went 1-2 in the tournament this weekend. Lost our big center back due to a cracked ankle. Out 4-6 weeks. Got another game tonight and tomorrow. Just need to get through till Christmas.

Nico is now providing the excuse, “I have lots of things to do,” for why he cant take a nap or go to bed. Its adorbs.

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