The Whacky Barn

Child sized grocery carts? Yes!! We would like one.

So Tallahassee is the new epicenter of hippie food places. The original place is an actual Co-op. It was followed by Fresh Market (a Whole Foods knock off). Then Earth Fare came to town. Word on the street is that Whole Foods is coming- gonna be right across the street from Jo-Anns… SCOREBOARD!! I like Earth Fare a lot, because it is where the pretend hippies go (unlike New Leaf where the real hippies go). When I am at Earth Fare, I dont feel like everyone is judging me because Nico isnt wearing a hemp diaper and I like to smell like clean, not like Patchouli. I feel like I should be wearing dreads and breastfeeding Nico while wearing sustain-ably made natural fibers made by an old woman in India. But that is neither here nor there. New Leaf has a kick ass beer selection, but Earth Fare’s meat counter is better and their produce is better. I think. In any case, Earth Fare has these little grocery carts which Nico LOVES. Its really adorable. He likes pushing his cart around the store. Practical for a week’s worth of groceries? No. Practical for dinner on the fly home? Why, yes it is.

Speaking of Nico… he is getting into the Christmas spirit. Yesterday Dave was talking to him about Santa and how we should go see them. Nico’s response: “And then we will say, “Merry Christmas!” It’s pretty great.

I think that I have made up my mind: I wanna take Nico to the Miami Zoo when we are down there for Christmas. So Mike and Gay, get out your walking shoes- we are taking the boy!! Also, it has this thing called “the whacky barn.” Need I say more? You want to go too?

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