So it has been a pretty crazy last couple of weeks. Between the three games a week, doing christmas, having to work and such, I have been getting my ass handed to me. Plus, I am trying to run a half marathon in February- so a lot of my extra time has been taken up by training for that. We ended up taking two losses just before the break- 2-0 to Arnold and 2-0 to Leon. On the upside- we have four games after the break… hopefully we will get some of our DL list back.

As for Christmas- we opened gifts on Friday morning. We meant to do it sooner, but it was just too much of a beat down. We had five days without any childcare and two fulltime jobs to work. As well as shopping, presents, post-office trips, etc. While this new gig is nice, it is not like working for the state, where you arent there when you arent there. Seems like I need to bring my boss cookies or something to remind him why he hired me… in case he forgets and is tempted to fire my ass. Yikes.

Here is a video of Nico opening the tool bench. I decided at the last minute not to stain or paint it. I like the look of the plain wood- so I sanded it down.

If you remember, this is the one that I asked Cody to make… it turned out way awesome. It goes really well with the REAL play tools that I accidentally got Nico. Yeah. Responsible parenting: FAIL.

Nico was absolutely spoiled this year. Totally rotten. Santa brought Nico a basketball hoop and some hockey sticks. He got a ton of musical instruments from GranNY You, Aunt Nicole and Grandpa (including real drums). He got a play-food set from Aunt Rosie and all kinds of fun stuff. In fact, I have hidden some of it away for a rainy day 🙂 One of the things he REALLY likes is his new tieko coat from Grandma and Grandpa. As seen here:

I have been himming and hawing on getting an ipad. I really want one- and actually see some use for one at work. But the entry level ones are still like 600+ dollars. Dave and I had talked about getting one and retiring my kindle to him… but I am not sure I want to give up the kindle. I ended up getting him a kindle any ways… now he can read more- he wont be looking for his book or not bringing it to work with him to read at lunch because it is too big.

Its getting late for me, so I am going to sign off- will try to write more tomorrow.

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