Championship game.

So, we won last night, which means that we are playing in the district championship game today.  While we did beat the team we are playing tonight twice during the regular season, once by three goals and once by five, I am kinda nervous.  A little listless- I’d say.  I dont really want to work, dont really want to be home.  I have no explanations for this.

So no matter what happens tonight, we will be playing next Tuesday.  Who and where though, remain to be seen.  If we win tonight, then we will play at home.  If we lose then we will go to either Bay County (in Panama City) or Pensacola Catholic, depending on who wins that game tonight.  It is projected that PC will beat Bay, which means that we will likely host Bay next week.

Either way, its definitely the end of the season- while I dont want us to lose, I am looking forward to getting my life back.  Also, I need to put some QT in the office.  I havent gotten S$&T done since the season started.  I am sitting on two articles that need to be revised and resubmitted, not to mention a crap ton of stuff that needs to be done on the grant project I am working on.  For some reason, I seem to be having some sort of career crisis, where I dont want to do any of the things I really need to/should do.  I might just be really tired and worn out.

Plus, the house is a disaster.  I cant even imagine what our baby sitter thinks of us.

I am absolutely, positively not committing to do anything that requires a massive time commitment from Feb-May.  I hope to work out, run, play soccer and hang out with Nico.  And maybe a little travel.  Between Dave and me, we have three bikes none of which is in good repair. I’d like to get one of them working so that I can take Nico for bike rides… as much as I would like to bike around town with Nico- I am really nervous about riding on streets with cars, even in bike lanes, just because Tallahassee drivers are notoriously BAD.

Dave and I are thinking about a trip to Carolina for skiing.  And by skiing, I mean, Dave skiing and Nico and I hanging out, getting in the snow.  I found a super cheap VRBO in Boone where we could go, which would be cool.

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