New Music

Ok.  So one thing I got from this weekend in New Orleans was a new favorite music.  Yes.  So EM, who used to play for the Thomasville Dragons (KS invited her to the tournament) is a straight up baller.  Really good player. In any case, we are driving in my car to the field and she is in the front seat, which is the DJ seat.  She puts on Girl Talk.  Mind blown.

A revelation about JCBR:  I LOVE HIP HOP.  This is a true story.  I blame a boy I liked when I was a kid.  He introduced me to MC Hammer and I was done.  Cant touch this.  Seriously.

Now, another revelation: I dont pretend to be high brow, either.  I am not talking about underground hipster hip hop (the kind that is “so good” but you’ve never heard of it.  What ev.)  I like hip hop that has been played so much on the radio that people hate it.  I like hip hop that my girls tell me about.  I like hip-hop that I recognize from that wonderful time in college when I lived in the dorm and watched Vh1 Cardio morning while ironing before classes.  I still know lyrics from Hard Knock Life by Jay Z.  I am sorry.  I have plebian tastes.  I cant help it.  It is what it is.

So Girl Talk is a guy (weird) that makes whole songs out of samples.  Yes.  I know.  If my mother were dead, she would roll over in her grave.  But since she isn’t she is likely just going to slap me in the mouth the next time she sees me.  Its okay, I get it.  He takes songs that are played to death on the radio and clips and stitches them back together into something amazing.  Okay… so he is a dj and he basically makes songs out of parts of other songs.  I guess its all done under the auspices of “Art” (with a capital A).  So he cant sell it.  He tours clubs and such, so I guess that is how he makes a “living”.

Here is a track from his album.  Its cool, Lil Kim, Peter Gabriel, Miley Cyrus.  That is an improbable blend of awesome.  Can’t wait to go for a drive with Nico in the car, I think he would like it.

And there is this: (Ludacris, Cali Swag District, Durrough, MIA).

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