Home made snickers.

This thing that Nico does when he’s “getting me” is hilarious.  We’re obviously working on trying to teach him that I dont always want Nico to get me.  It sucks when you are just chilling out on the couch and suddenly, you are wearing a Nico hat, because he is laying across the top of your head.  Its classic.  He opens his mouth really wide open and gnashes his teeth.  I dont know what that is about or who taught him that… but its hilarious.  He also swings his arms like they are bats.  Have you ever been hit in the face with a toddler swung forearm?  Its like getting hit in the face with a bat.  No joke.

We went to the libary last night and he really really liked the little kid sized furniture they had.  I guess that will be a future purchase.  Just when I was starting to think that our house was almost the perfect size.  Actually, it would be the perfect size, if I could have one of these.  What, you’re saying that normal people dont have their own writing/craft/sewing hut?  But I want one… Pfff.

So my mom, being the library hero she is, informed me yesterday that the Woodville Branch of the Leon County library had Deathly Hallows 1 and 2.  And because I roll this way- I watched both last night.  How do you like them apples?  So what I didnt get to bed until 330 am?  I am also in the interest of pulling together Nicole and JJ’s birthday boxes.  I wanted to give these a whirl, to see how they would work:

Can you think of anything else that says “Happy Birthday!” Like homemade snickers?  I didnt think so.

The good news is that I like the homemade ones better than the real ones.  I think homemade ones are less messy to eat.  And being able to customize how badly you feel about eating one based on the size you cut?  Nice.

The bad news is that while they are relatively easy, they are kinda a pain in the ass to make.  Four different layers?  Four different steps of cooking?  Kind of a pain in the ass.  Not going to lie.  But it was a successful pinterest project, so I am happy with it.

Nicole and JJ I guess your boxes will go out sometime this week?  Meh?

Mine and Dave’s anniversary was yesterday 2/28.  The Legislature is in session early this year, so he was pretty much on lockdown this week.  So we are going to celebrate late by going out to dinner tonight.  Also, maybe we dont mention this him, because he will be sad, but this girl is getting a massage.  I booked the appointment for the end of the day… so I am going to dip out of work at 4pm, go get my massage and then meet a good friend who will have defended her dissertation for celebratory drinks.  After that, Dave is going to pick me and we’re going to dinner.  Maybe to Rays Steel City.  If they are open.  The only thing that is getting in the way of today being a perfect day is the fact that I have to work.  But work ruins most perfectly good days.  🙂

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