I gotta do some chores!

Not much new going around here.  Last week Granny You was up to hang with Nico while his school was closed during Spring Break.  I think they pretty much wore each other out.

Thursday night, I took Nico up to the Capitol to see Dave.  Since it was the last week of the session, he had a bunch of late nights.  So I took Nico up there to say good night to Dave.  It was nice.  Nico was not too happy about having to leave.

Saturday, I drove Granny You back to SW Florida and caught some of Madi’s game at the IMG soccer tournament in Bradenton.  If you will remember, I played one glorious summer with IMG in the W-League.  The facility is still really nice.  It would be wonderful if we were ever in a place to be able to allow Nico to do that when he gets older (if he likes soccer that much).  Madi did well.  Scored 2 of 4 goals in their win on Friday night.  Assisted the equalizer on Saturday.

Nico caught a quick nap in the car on the way to Bradenton and was a champ.  After dinner he slept most of the way home while I listened to Girl with a Dragon tattoo.  Am hoping to finish it soon so I can see the movie (FINALLY).  

Sunday we hung around the house and relaxed mostly. Dave and Nico let me sleep in.  During this time, Nico told Dave that he had to do some chores.  And when they went to get breakfast, Nico ordered his own food.  Can you believe that? That is amazing! When I woke up, I took Nico up to see some of our other Wakulla girls play soccer at the FSU IM fields.  I have been slowly working on getting the house back in order.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time getting mine and Dave’s room back in shape.  Then we went to see Safe House last night.  It was pretty good.  Again, Nico was not too happy to be left with the sitter.  😦
Am sorta glad daylight savings time here is here, so we can start working in the garden again.  Nico really likes helping.  And I’d like to get some seeds in the ground.  🙂

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