Dancing Man

Last night I took this video of Nico dancing:

Isn’t he just adorable?

In other news, really glad it is the weekend.  I got paid from Wakulla this week (finally).  And now I am getting an ipad.  I have been wanting a tablet for a while… I told Dave not to get me anything for Christmas or Valentines Day because I wanted to get a tablet and not feel bad about it.  I had the hardest time figuring out what I wanted.  I didnt want to lose all my current Kindle content.  And I wanted to be able to watch video content even if I didnt have a wifi or a 3g signal (having a 64 gb hard drive would suffice, I think).  Plus, being able to run it off 3G is nice.  I waited to see if the ipad3 would have something really amazing (like it would fly or allow me to get my 21 year old body back).  Since it didnt, I felt no need to get the ipad 3.  The upgrades they made from the ipad 2 probably wouldnt even be noticable by yours truly.  So I pulled the trigger and got it.
Woo hoo!! So excited.  Hopefully it will come this weekend.  Now the only thing will be to keep Nico from using it.  🙂

Also, I think we are going to Louisville for the week before Derby.  I have gotten the okay from my boss.  Nico is going to love it.  We are going the week before because we think he’d like the hot air balloon race, the boat show and the parade.  Wont stay for the race though.

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