Nico is starting to pretend.  Yesterday I noticed it when we went to Earth Fare, which is a hippie grocery.  We had a coupon for 50% of fillet mignon (there is a reason its so expensive.  I was able to cut the left overs today with a plastic knife.  so good).  Plus, Nico likes going there because they have little kid sized grocery carts.  In any case, I am always a little nervous because I am afraid he is going to run the cart into someone or worse, clip in the back of my achilles.  That would be the worst.

In any case, we’re walking around the store and when we stop, I get what we need, hand it to Nico and he puts it in the cart.  Then I say, “Okay let’s go to_______”, to which he says, “No!  I gotta get some more stuff!”  And then he picks out a spot on the floor, runs over to it, “picks something up” and runs back to the cart to “put it in” (pretending).  It was really funny.  I guess its better than the other thing he did, which is to put random items in my cart (including a 6 dollar wedge of Davinci Gouda… on the upside, he does have good taste (even if he didnt like the cheese himself, it ended up being pretty good), on the downside, he apparently has expensive taste).

In any case, now that the time has changed, we are having more fun at home.  We water the garden nearly every day.  Nico likes to work the hose and “brace his legs like a fireman”.  We had a bit of a dustup yesterday because someone (Dave) put socks AND sandals on Nico.  And by dustup, I mostly just made fun of him.  Behold!

Heh!  All for now!!

One thought on “1990

  1. that's just not right.

    it's definitely a man thing though. Last night Cody put Emerson in running shorts, a regular shirt (like you wear with jeans) and soccer cleats. and took her out in public like that!


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