In the words of Nico, “So we had a great time this weekend!”

Dave went to Anna Maria for a Bachelor Party for Dave T. who is getting married next month.  Coincidentally, his fiance is named Jessica.  Weird, right?  They started dating shortly after we started dating… so that is cool.  Saturday morning Nico and I got up and went to Bagelheads for breakfast.  The FSU Miami baseball game got pushed up to noon (due to threat of crap weather), so we snuck to the library to grab some library books for the trip.  
Then we headed to the game.  Apparently, FSU baseball has a bit of a rabid following in Tallahassee.  When I bought the tickets, I wasn’t really sure how things were.  They were apparently sold out of tickets for the good seats, which are higher up and right behind homeplate.  So we sat in “general admission” seats, which are bleachers on the first and third baselines.  I saw a big area where no one was sitting and was like, “S-WHEET!! And made a beeline for it.”  Turns out that area was crap because you couldn’t see the hitter.  Booo!!  So we moved and got a seat were we could barely see the hitter.  If the idiot family in front of us didnt move their big giant idiot heads around too much.  
Nico was really really really good. He lasted for about an hour (three innings), wherein we saw FSU score a handful of runs.  Nico had a pretty good time.  He wasn’t too interested in the snacks, which is half the reason to go to a ball game, but whatev. 
In any case, Nico was asleep before we left campus.  So we headed home for nap and some lunch.  After nap we were supposed to go up to Thomasville to watch the Wakulla girls play in a tournament, but they got rained out.  So we just hung out at the house and went to the park to play baseball.  
We facetimed with Nicole, Cody, Maddox and Emme (it’s a video call you can do on the iphone 4s where there is a camera on the business side of the phone).  That was pretty cool.  Decided that we needed to do that again.  They were sitting down to watch the Lion King.  
Saturday night I ended up getting us in bed relatively early.  I watched the rest of the first season of Walking Dead on my ipad (so amazing… love it).  Sunday Nico and I got up and ran through a quick breakfast at Golden Corral, which seems to be his favorite place to eat (BARF), because they have star-shaped donuts (they are actually flower shaped, but he calls them star shaped).  We then ran up to Thomasville for the tournament.  The Wakulla TUFC girls ended up losing 2-0, but our girls did well.  
After the game, we played a little baseball.  The main point of playing is you hit the ball, then run the bases.  But who ever didnt hit has to chase the one who did.  This is hilarious.  And its a good way to wear Nico out.  Who fell asleep in the car on the way home. When we got home someone (whose name rhymes with Rico) wasn’t too interested in sleeping anymore.  So we did some cleans.  Then Dave came home and we went to play soccer on Sunday night.  Aren’t you just exhausted from reading all that?  Me too.  
Monday Nico and I worked in the garden after school.  So far, we have watermellons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, mint, rosemary and basil.  
This week the weather has been absolutely glorious.    So that has been nice.  This works well for us because we just got after our leasing company to fix the windows in the house.  The main problem with the windows in the house is that we only had one functional window in each room of the house.  Some worked, but didnt have screens.  Some just flatout didnt work.  It’s taken like 6 months for this to happen, during which the owner of the leasing company stopped efforts to repair the windows because she thought that we said it was “OK to have only one functional window in each  room of the house.”  Seriously?  There was almost a throw down.  
Last night it got so cold in the house I actually had to go around closing windows before bed.  Isn’t that awesome?
All for now. 

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