Derby Week

The trip to Louisville?  WOW!!??  We did so much!  You really wouldn’t believe it.  Rather than describing everything that we did, I am just going to list every thing we did with some notes on the REALLY awesome stuff.  So here it goes:

Friday am: left Tallahassee, taking I-10 west to I-65, and heading north through Birmingham and Nashville.  We pushed through so that we could make the hot air balloon race on Saturday morning.  BTW- the hot air balloon race was pretty much the entire reason for going.  Cue ironic ending to this story.

Saturday morning: we woke up at 6am to make it to the start of the balloon race only to hear on the news that it was canceled due to inclement weather.  WHA-WHAT?  Head to executive airport instead because its close and they have plans and heliocopters taking off and landing on the regular.

Then we headed to an art fair in Cherokee Triangle to check out the scene and do some early Christmas shopping (sssshhhh!).  We also played some baseball at the park.

Saturday night: bouncy slides at the Chow Wagon (place with festival food and rides, etc.  like a chopped down county fair).

Sunday morning: I went for a run near the hotel (which was on the edge of the U of L campus).  Dave and Nico checked out some Lacross practice, field hockey practice and the EPIC playground near the track.

Sunday night: We headed out to stay with Tony and Cathy (Tony is one of Mike’s really good friends from the Ville (from Judo and Police Force).  On the way, we swung by a yarn store.  Some yarn may have accidentally ended up in my possession.  Don’t judge.  Later, Chow Wagon again.  This time to meet some of Dave’s family.  Nico rode cars with his cousin Darby (who he adores).  Also, Nico rode the carousel with me.  Seriously, who can do more than one ride on that?  We had dinner at Impalizeri’s for dinner.  Pizza=amazing.  Dodged a serious hail storm by ducking into Homemade Pie and Icecream place.

Monday morning: We went to the zoo.  The Louisville Zoo is one of the only zoos int he country that has polar bears.  There was also a petting zoo (sort of like the Whacky Barn in Miami, but less.)

 Monday night:  Dave, Nico and Tony did judo.

Tuesday morning: I went to eye doctor due to suspected ripping cornea loose from eye.  Turns out I was just being a big baby.  Cornea still intact.  In the afternoon, we went to the bat factory.  As suspected, Nico is a bit young for museums.  The museum did have a “small ball” area where little kids could hit a whiffle ball off a tee.  That was pretty fun- but we had a bit of a “melt down” when we asked him to share with other kids.

Tuesday night:  Dinner with Tony and Kathy and their daughter Jackie (and her husband and kid) and their BFF Larry and his wife (I forgot her name) at a really cool place called Aspen Creek.

Wednesday morning:  Dawn at the Downs.  Churchill opens up for breakfast buffet and you can watch the Derby and Oaks horses work out.  Really cool.

Wednesday night: The Great Steam Boat race on the Ohio River.  We watched it at Kingfish, where they had a playground a mini-put-put golf course.

Thursday morning:
We had a pretty fun morning, but ended up at the parade.  It was okay… it was decided that Dave and I both hate parades.  Seriously.

Thursday night:  But the day got a lot better when we got fried green chilli wontons at the Brisol.  Totally awesome.  As good as I remembered.

Friday morning: Headed to Senecca Park so that I could run (I am currently doing the Couch to 5K program… its nice because its easy and I don’t feel like a fail for walking).  Nico and Dave played baseball and soccer.  They found some kids to play baseball with- so it was like a real game.

Friday night:  Get together with some of Dave’s old high school friends.  There were a bunch of kids including Colleen (who is 3).  She and Nico are BFF.  She had a bunch of little play-house stuff, and we had a good time ironing and doing dishes.

They also had a trampoline, where I was a big hit with songs like, “Colleen, colleen, colleen, colleen, colleen!”  and “Nico, nico, nico, nico, nico, nico!” and “Gavin, gavin, gavin, gavin, gavin, gavin, gavin.”

Saturday morning: headed back to Tallahassee.  We took back roads through horse country.  Definitely a nice ride.  Stopped in Atlanta for the night.  I downloaded an app for booking hotels and got a super sweet deal on $200.00 a night Fairview Inn.  It had a hot tub.  And a pool.  Dave got a soak and Nico got to swim.  AWESOME!

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