Beach Wedding

So we had a great time in Siesta Key this weekend.  Our friends Dave and Jessie got married on the beach.  It was good times.  Dave’s Mom and Dad came up and stayed with Nico so we were able to go an have a good time without Nico being like, “This is dumb, I wanna go home!”


Plus we got to hang out with some people that we don’t see very often.  And did I mention it was at the beach?  It was definitely a nice weekend.  And while it was only a weekend, I feel like it was rejuvenating.  It reaffirms Bucket List #

The bad news is that FSU has figured out my game.  To recap, I had been registering for a class every semester in order to get the student rate for tuition.  The difference is $320 a month.  So, for us, it was a good calculation, since I at least got something out of the class.  Like last semester, weight lifting?  Twice a week I had to go (for a grade), which was good, because it got me out of the office, unlike today, where I have sat in my chair for the last three hours.  In any case, the jig is up, so we are starting to consider our childcare options.  Bummer.

Plus, Nico was going to age out of the infant and toddler center in January anyways, and they were likely going to kick him up to the big school at FSU… where in we were likely going to pull him anyways… because the reason I like the Infant and Toddler Center is because Jenn, Sue and Dana.  So there is that.

Other than that, not much else is going on around here.  BBUSC starts this week.  We aren’t really sure what kind of commitment there will be by the Wakulla girls.  We graduated 11 seniors this year, so there aren’t that many left.  Unfortunately, I have questions about the seriousness and commitment of some of the girls who are left.  But there isn’t much I can do about that.  I have some projects around the house I would like to get to.  My dear friend John (from high school) and his wife are expecting their first child in August.  My plans are to break in the new sewing machine by sewing them a baby quilt.

Still have some interesting/fun travel later this summer.  We are going to see Scotland play the US men in Jacksonville at the end of the month.  I have to travel for work down to Orlando in June.  In July we are doing a big Bishop family vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama.  Then in August, I am going to ASAs in Denver and Dave is covering the RNC in Tampa.  In September, we are trying to go to Dallas to see The Nicodys for Labor Day.  Then I have an AHRQ Grantee meeting in DC in September.

The garden is growing.  The first of our grape tomatoes are starting to turn red.  I ate 5-6 leaves of spinach off the plant last week while sitting in the garden with Nico.  I am not convinced I will have enough to keep me in spinach salads this summer, but we can try, right?  Also, basil is coming in good.  I hope to be making lots of pesto throughout the summer.  Plus we have watermellons, yellow peppers, red peppers, mint, rosemary and cucumbers.

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