St. Augustine and Jacksonville

Sooo, the jet-setting Bishop-Royse family has returned from another extraordinary adventure!  This weekend, we went to St. Augustine and Jacksonville because the US Men’s National Team was to play Scotland in a friendly tune up for World Cup Qualifers.  We left late Friday (after work) and drove through to St. Augustine. Since I had never been to St. Augustine and because Jacksonville is kinda boring and generic, we decided to stay down in the oldest city in America (true story- it is the oldest).

Saturday morning, we woke up and went on the prowl for some national team jerseys.  A caveat:  I am not fully on the USA band wagon.  I know I am a huge disappointment to my father and likely my father in law, but seriously, I can’t get on the USMNT band wagon.  I just can’t.  There are players I like: Tim Howard (GK) is totally my boy.  I appreciate Clint Dempsey (has a cool story).  Josey Altidore (I like his style, and he played in England).  But for the most part, I am not a fan of much of the team.  Landon Donovan? Cry baby face who doesn’t work hard, and how couldn’t hack it at Leverkusen and decided to come back to the US and play for the Galaxy.  Michael Bradley?  Seriously?  Michael Bradley?  Of all the able-bodied soccer men in the US, it just so happens that the National Team Coach’s kid is one of the best 20+ guys?  Really?  Really?  I have seen enough nepotism in soccer to last a life time.  I am not about to get whole-heartedly on board with the US Men  until I either understand why Michael Bradley is on the team or until they do something to deserve my appreciation.  If they win a World Cup, I will think about it (depends on who they beat to do it).  But until they start living up to the promise, no way Jose.

But then again, Scotland brought their second team.  Seriously.  11 guys couldnt make the trip.  And they are Scotland.  While they do claim to invent the pass (I have been to the museum in Glasgow where this claim exists), they are Scotland.  Liking Scotland is like liking the Cubs, without the occasional moments of brilliance.  I know… my husband will likely divorce me for such slander.  But it is what it is.  Who do I like, you ask?  England?  Why?  Because there is something entertaining about a country one-sixth the size of the US with the arrogance to think that they should win every world cup (seriously, they sack coaches for not winning in the world cup enough). Plus, its kinda like watching an EPL All-Star team.  But that is neither here no there.

So we ventured to the Nike outlet to look for a national team jersey for Nico (to no avail). And since the Adidas outlet store was having a sale (I got 4 new pair of soccer shorts), you know how that went.  For lunch we ate at “The Prince of Wales” an English pub place in the old section of St. Augustine (near the fort, the cathedral and the oldest wooden school house in America.  No joke, that is its claim to fame).

Then we went to the hotel, where in Nico proceeded NOT to take a nap.  We tried wrestling him to sleep for an hour or two before we finally gave up and headed to the game.  I guess I am always a little surprised by the size of stadiums.  I didnt grow up going to a lot of games in big stadiums, so I have difficulty gauging how big or small they are.  Turns out that when Dave is in charge of buying the tickets, he does a pretty good job of getting us close to the action.  We sat behind the goal, 13 rows back at EverBank Field, which is pretty close.

Nico was mostly good… like with most things, he was pretty much done after about an hour.  But I brought the i-Pad (aren’t I terrible?) and we made it through.  The US ended up taking it to Scotland pretty good (5-1) and it was a late night for us.

Sunday we woke up late and ventured into the old part of the city for some brunch and some walking. We grabbed a delicious lunch at The Gourmet Food Hut and checked out the scene.  Tropical Storm Beryl was headed in, so we didnt stay too long.  We drove around for a bit and then headed back.  We have been pretty bad about cleaning during the last couple of weeks, so we  spent most of yesterday trying to get the house in order.  It still has a long way to go.

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