Random McRandomski

So, I just got back from a conference in Orlando. I drove through Tropical Storm Debby most of the way. I made the unfortunate mistake of taking adderall when things got hairy (so I cold stay alert and focused- and not accidentally drive into a sink hole). The result? Guess who is still wide awake at 1240 am? This girl!

Am glad to be back. Nico was especially snugly. Apparently, he hasn’t exactly been a model citizen while I was gone. đŸ˜¦ hopefully we can get him back on track. Speaking of which… He is almost to the age, I think when he can travel a little better. I am hoping that a year from now he will have progressed through the Age of Unreason.

So, I did a chopped down version of the Myers-Brigg personality test a couple of weeks ago. Apparently I have an INTJ personality type, which is actually quite rare.

Turns out that my my crushing self-doubt may be unfounded. Apparently, INTJs do well in Academia. So that is nice. Unfortunately, this does not help with one thing I am terrible at: networking. This particular conference was nice because since I don’t know most of the big timers in health services research, I wasn’t all weird. Like when I go to sociology or demography conferences, I am totally like Garth in Wayne’s World: “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy… We suck!”


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