So we had a really great vacation in Gulf Shores!  The whole family (except for my Dad) was able to come! Even JJ, from New York!!

We had a lot of fun. And didnt go to the beach once.  We stayed in a condo neighborhood, that had two pools.  I made lots of good noms and napped pretty much every day. The cousins had a blast running around together.  In fact, less that 12 hours into the trip, Nico had managed to scratch Max’s face with a hard plastic sword.  I guess we play a little rough?

We all got plenty of Becks snuggles, and Nico was really good with him.  That is a good sign.   

So, since we have been doing this potty training thing, Nico has this thing, where after he goes to the bathroom, he runs out of the bathroom and around the house in just his underpants.  On Tuesday night, he did this.  Next thing you know, no one is wearing any shirts.  

While we were there, we did Maddox’s birthday.  The gift of the day was a batman suit, which was really cool.

Nico got a bunch of ideas for stuff he wants for his birthday.  When we left, his major comment was that he wished he could have played with Max and Emme’s toys more.  Which is fair, since they do have lots of cool toys.

Nico and Dave made friends with a very friendly looking beagle.

And I got the first official smile from Becks (official, because Nicole saw it.  My mom claims to have gotten one- but Nicole didnt witness it, so it doesnt count).  The one you see below is like the second or third smile.  Isn’t that cool?

So it was a great trip.  We’re back on the grind today.  Trying to get caught up from all the work I didnt do last week.  Nico is mostly potty trained.  He hasnt had an pee accident since Friday.  Of course, he still does #2 in his pants.  But he’s really sad about it.  

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