Nico Mops

So not much new to report around here.  I am going to be backing off of the posting, as we are now in the season of the job market and there are only so many hours in the day.  😦  I think its likely to be a once a week type of thing until October- when most applications are due.

I took Nico by his new Big school on Friday, so that he could have a look at the place.  He really likes it.  In fact, he didnt want to go to FSU (meaning he had a meltdown).  I am sure this will wear off soon, when he realizes that none of his friends (like Ovid and Mila) go to Creative.  And I will be sad for him.

They have a “fluids deck” where the kids put smocks on and mop, wash babies, pour water, play with shaving cream, paint, and stamp.

It was way cool.  Nico loved the fluids deck.  Even awesomer is that Creative serves as a special needs preschool for the Leon County School District.  So while leaving FSU means that Nico won’t have as much contact with black and asian kids (there are more there), it does mean that he will be around special needs kids more.  Which is cool.  DIVERSITY baby.    

I found a new place in town that does consignment baby and toddler stuff.  I grabbed this chair and table set for like $25 and the shelf with the bins for $40.

Really in love with it.  Trying to figure out stuff for Nico to do, since he doesnt really “play” at home.  We went to the store on Saturday and stocked up on art supplies including SCISSORS, which Nico apparently loves.  The only thing I have to do now is train someone whose name rhymes with SAVE how to properly administer the crafts supplies.  No, its not an inherent skill, you actually have to learn it.  

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