So the first day I took Nico to his new big school, he mopped. His new big school has a fluid deck- where in the kids put on water shoes (crocs) and smocks.  They wash baby dolls, have painting, stamping, a mud kitchen (seriously, a mud kitchen?  what is that?) and mops.  Nico mopped the whole deck while we were there.

I ordered a mop from Amazon for Nico thinking that he would love it.  We busted it this weekend.  When Nico mopped for 5 minutes.  Seriously.  5 minutes before he was ready to do something else.  Boooo!!

I was sick this weekend.  Some type of cold or something.  It’s weird, because I remember when I first moved to Tallahassee I got really sick… bronchitis and pneumonia.  I was working as a preschool teacher and couldnt afford to take any time off- so I didnt.  Now a little cold puts me on my a$$… I guess I am getting old.  It sucks.

Preseason starts today.  Can’t wait till someone throws up…. I warned them about it 🙂

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